Future direction in software.

It is becoming apparent to us that Intuit is focusing on their online products. There is Quickbooks onlinesome debate about whether the reason is customer needs driven or money driven, but no mater what the driving factors are, online is clearly the direction. To respond to this trend. EZDispatch will be adjusting future development in the same direction to remain compatible. Expect to see a test interface with the online version in the coming months.

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Self driving car technology

The obvious concern for drivers is whether this technology can be used to replace them. For car haulers there is another potential impact. Could these vehicles be delivered by simply programming them and sending them off un-manned? The vehicle range would be a limiting factor, but how hard would it be to send them to an intermediate yard and have it refueled and sent on?

Google self driving technology.


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Truck for sale


2007 Peterbilt 379

525 HP Cat motor

13 spd transmission

Idle-free APU system with shore power

Rebuilt transmission April 2014

New clutch April 2014

628072 miles as of 10-7-14

3-car headrack

2007 Boydstun 7-car trailer



Please call Mark at 402-770-3357 for more information.

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Is the broker-carrier relationship a joint venture?

Amie Brown the widow of a Hudson firefighter Christopher Brown has filed a lawsuit  seeking more than $50,000.her husband was struck and killed March 3, 2013 by a Move CIt Auto Transport Inc truck when the driver, Mansur  Shakirov, failed to move into the right lane to avoid the emergency scene that the fire fighter had responded to. What is interesting to me is that the lawsuit claims that the move was a joint venture between the broker and the transport company. If the broker shares in the revenue, must he also share the liability?

Join the forum discussion on this post

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Saw this ad on craigslist and wondered how a transport driver can telecommute:

auto transporter needed

AUTO TRANSPORTER NEEDED (CHICAGO). compensation: telecommuting for auto transport driversPERCENTAGE OF LOAD. telecommuting okay. We have immediate openings available …



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Auto transport driver having a bad day.

auto transport car carrier wreck

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Yahoo email issues

yahoo mail creates rules that will not let it work with dispatch software like EZDispatch.comI think we have found the email issue that some of you have experienced on EZDispatch. I found some helpful info on marketing land :

It’s happening, according to email expert John Levine, because Yahoo over the weekend implemented a change that basically tells all recipients, including Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc., to reject any mail originating from a Yahoo.com address if it fails certain tests. In this case, the test is that the sender email address domain must match the domain of the server actually sending the email — which isn’t necessarily the case if people use mailing lists or other software to send email for them, rather than using the Yahoo.com STMP servers themselves.

So, the problem applies not only to small businesses but to anyone using a Yahoo.com sending address to participate in a mailing list that uses other servers.

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Owner operator wanted

From Indeed

Need 4 SUVs hauled from CA to Miami, Fl 33139

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Gault R & R in Miami Beach, Florida

18 hours ago

Have 4 vehicles ( (2)scout 2’s, 68′ international travelall, 63′ scout 80) all in various spots in CA hauled. Want to deal directly w/ owner operator that respects old steel. 3 of 4 are inoperable. If you are not an owner operator but a broker do broker service I am not interested in speaking with you. I would much rather pay the full price knowing it all goes to the guy sitting behind the wheel. Those are the guys that make it happen.

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Car Hauler nostalgia

See more here

auto transport car hauler truck and trailer

Custom stinger rig?

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Dispatch Services

How many of you owner operators use a dispatch services and why? Does your dispatch service have some of their own trucks as well? Do they get their loads off of load boards or have other sources as well?

auto transport dispatch service

These Brunette Auto Transport trucks use Auto Transport Team to dispatch them.


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