Train severs carhauler stuck on tracks


WSVN TV in NORTH MIAMI, Fla. is reporting that a train crashed into a tractor-trailer after getting stuck on the train tracks.

According to officials, the tractor-trailer was carrying Lexus vehicles and became stuck on top of the train tracks in the area of 141st Street on Biscayne Blvd. Monday afternoon. The train was unable to stopĀ and crashed into the trailer.

Two Lexus vehicles were knocked off the car carrier, which caused damage to the vehicles.



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9 Responses to Train severs carhauler stuck on tracks

  1. laidoff carhauler says:

    Another shining example of lack of training, and what happens when the unknowing think they are a carhauler. Chaulk up another one for the scabs.

  2. laidoff carhauler says:

    And before anyone comments, I have never gotten hung up hauling cars. All it take is a little thought process and prop[er planning, which scabs lack cause if they had any commen sense and were planning for there future they would unionize.

  3. carhauler1 says:

    unions do not want them there better off with people like yourself.The unions are not organizing carhaulers they rather get bus drivers and nurses and candy shops and get the 401 ks right? Well sir you will not help the cause with your attitude talk to these guys tell them the benefits they get and the pensions and most of all real pay think about that.

  4. Speedloader says:

    It would be interseting to know the full real story here.

    By that I mean with this train/truck wreck, not the whole union/non-union wreck. LOL.

    I know how low our equiptment is, especially around the 5th wheel plate under the diving board. I have left a few scrape marks here and there because I mostly do night time city work. But in this series of photos, the crossing looks pretty level ? Am I just sleepy right now ? I have been hung up before, and had to get pulled back out once too. I had an excuse thoo, a culvert gave way under me right under the 5th wheel. But I know it doesn’t take much. Anyway …….

  5. LBZ says:

    Yeah, I have been trying to figure out how a union issue plays into this one at all. Would hav been better to have known the whole story behind this one as speedloaded is correct, it looks fairly level.

  6. tommy says:

    it looks like a recycled freight hauler thinking he’s gonna get rich hauling cars!

  7. tnjack says:

    If only the driver was union trained.

  8. NON UNION says:

    Hey “tnjack” alot of people refuse to work union, so they don’t have to work alongside people like yourself.

    Hey “laidoff” I see why you’re laidoff.. typical union loser. And I am not saying all union workers are losers, just these fine examples.
    Can’t wait to watch the teamsters screw you guys out of more bennies, or force another transport company to go under. cause morons like the two of you.

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