A picture of my car hauler from my driving days

This creation was one of my favorite trucks to drive. I bought a Volvo with a Boydstun 4-car headrack and mated it to a Cottrell quick-load trailer. It had an electronic 3406 that I had upgraded to factory specs for 550 hp. It just had a nine-speed so it thought my next project was to upgrade to the thirteen but after i drove it I realized I didn’t need any more gears because the powerband on that cat was so wide. I was based in San Diego at the time and even running over the mountains was really no problem with the 9-speed.

one of my old trucks

I did modify the headrack because those old boydstun four-cars didn’t have enough up travel on position two and three to get a car behind the cab after you had loaded the top when doing four on the headrack. We modified it enough to load 3 ford taurus size cars on the top and still drive a small pickup underneath.

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6 Responses to A picture of my car hauler from my driving days

  1. Matt says:

    Just a little overlength I’de guess.

  2. When the sliding fifth-wheel was in it was legal. On that particular load I had to stretch out to turn so what I did was suck it in to cross the scales. The front of that white car on the bottom was close to the back of my truck.

  3. Matt says:

    I was looking at the rear overhang, its hard to tell, but it looks like you were about 6 feet past your tailights. I used to try to back the last one on because I thought the overhang looked shorter even though overall it was actually longer.Lol.

  4. Your’e correct, but at the time 6 feet of rear overhang was legal in Calif as long as it was lit at night or flagged during the day. Now they make you run a cord with lights but back then they wouldn’t say anything if you just pulled the parking lights on on the vehicle.

  5. Matt says:

    Oh, no kidding. All my hauling has been here in the Northeast, and all we get is 4 past the lights and not an inch more.

  6. We got four feet in the front and four in the back without any flag or lights and 6 1/2 feet out the back with lights/flag. We also got spoiled because we could run 14 feet tall. You guys definitely have it tougher than I did.

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