Active Truck Transport, Auto Truck Transport and Unimark file chapter 11 bankruptcy

Times are tough and if you have excessive overhead you may as well get in line at the Bankruptcy courts. We have watched PTS struggle and fold sending a lot of hard-working people to the unemployment lines and now JHT Holdings looks to be in trouble as well. They have over 1300 drivers plus support staff. I hope it goes better for them than the PTS employees! You can read their official statement here in PDF.

another car carrier in financial trouble

Land line has reported very well on this. Here is part of there report you can click the link to read the whole thing:

Company officials reported in the bankruptcy filing that while the company has between $100 million and $500 million in assets, it also has liabilities of between $100 million to $500 million.

Reuters reported company officials blame JHT’s decline on a significant reduction in demand for large diesel trucks after new emission standards in 2007 increased the costs of making diesel engines, leading to higher truck prices.

Company officials do not expect daily operations to be affected.

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22 Responses to Active Truck Transport, Auto Truck Transport and Unimark file chapter 11 bankruptcy

  1. Randy says:

    Unimark is a dirtbag, ripoff carhaul company that needs to be OUT OF BUSINESS! Their service has always sucked and they they screw the drivers on a daily basis.

  2. Mike says:

    Randy’s comment is harsh, but sadly it is too close to the bullseye….I hauled one load for Unimark and will not repeat my mistake. I have talked to other Unimark drivers and they confirm Randy’s sentiment.

  3. JS says:

    There are lots of bad carhaul companies out there, but Unimark is far from being a bad one. I know for a fact the management there has bent over backwards to help drivers out and this is the thanks they get.

    Maybe if you actually went to work instead of sitting in the truck stop for 3 days bitching about your load you would have made some money.

  4. One of the many other Carhaul Companies says:

    As one of the over two hundred transport company’s hauling for Unimark because they went above and beyond with service to the customer and transports that hauled for them I would like to state they always had cars to haul when others were slow and paid the outside transport quicker and better than any other company. I know they used a pecking order on transports they loaded and if you were a good carhauler you stayed busy. Over two hundred companys signed up to haul for Unimark says it all! They all wanted to be a part of a great team that was put out of business by others that wanted to do the job for less money. In this sad state of the economy this is a trend. I understand the rate cutter companies are still hauling for lower rates and that is a sad state for the carhaul industry. If Randy only ran one load for Unimark he probably did a BAD job and was at the bottom of the pecking order and Unimark wouldn’t load him anymore and Mike is one of his truck stop buddies. Most Unimark drivers were with them for several years till the rate cutters got them and know they had the best loads available to outside transporters and for the drivers they had. No other company had what they had to offer and if you were on the outside looking in you probably deserved to be. Ask the other good company about Unimark and you will find out what a great company Unimark was. One of the most honest transport companies there was.

  5. Amen one of the many says:

    I agree with “One of the many”. There was no other Non-Traditional Auto Carrier like Unimark. They had round trip/loaded both waydeals they loaded their transports and countless outside carriers with and had cars when most didn’t. They always settled up quickley and before most and had no hidden surprises at setllement time. I believe JS is talking about when they would loan out several thousand dollar to the drivers they had that would need a complete overhaul or a costly breakdown and Unimark would not hesistate to front the dollars out at no charge. you couldn’t find many companies that willing to help out the driver. The Randy and Mike guys sound like the carhauler wantabees there is out there. If they knew anything or had anything on the ball they wouldn’t have posted the own image in the mirror. talk to any real carhauler anywhere east of the Mississippi to the east coast and from Canada to the bottom of Florida and they would aggree. “We lost a great Non-Traditional Carhaul Company when Unimark went away.

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  7. Jeff P says:

    I worked for Unimark and can verify that they were one of the better carhaul companies in the industry. They never ripped off their drivers and always helped with repairs. If drivers were having personal money problems, they would help out with an advance when asked. The management team of John, Mike and Cliff were the most professional, honorable men that anyone would hope to work for.

    Sounds like complainers Randy and Mike didn’t know what it takes to run a carhaul operation, let alone a carhauler. Perhaps they should go back to playing with Tonka trucks.

  8. Ward says:

    Quote: “There are lots of bad car haul companies out there, but Unimark is far from being a bad one. I know for a fact the management there has bent over backwards to help drivers out and this is the thanks they get.”

    Unimark Transport just laid off their entire company fleet one week before Christmas. Now tell me JS … How is this bending over backwards?

    Let me guess, either you work for Unimarks as a recruiter or your another gung ho, uneducated, corporate kiss ass that lives off your managers data a boys! Which one is it?

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  10. JS says:

    Unimark lost business because they refused to lower their rates to compete with the railroad and all the other cut throat companies out there.

    Owner Operators left on their own because the work was no longer there. How is that laying driver’s off Ward? They closed shop in July, how is that one week before Christmas? If might help if you actually knew what you were talking about.

    Nope, I’m not a recruiter for Unimark. Just someone who dealt with them on a first hand basis who knows the complete story. I would also be willing to bet I have more of an education than you judging by your comment.

  11. JS says:

    Also, let me clarify I’m speaking of Unimark Carhaul, not truck transport.

  12. Dave says:

    I seen some Unimark drivers undecking at a dealer once. The way they looked and the crap they were drving didn’t look like a good job to me. Dallas and Mavis has went down hill every since Paul Mavis sold it. It was the premier drive-a-way company. Now after it has went through Jupiter Transportation, Kenosha Auto Transport, Howard Sober, Keal Transportation, Hookup, and Troha’s spinoff company ATT, They still don’t get it. They spend millions on ideas that have been tried, tested and failed 20 years ago. They don’t ask or want input from there employees that have worked for them for deckades because they know it all. Unimark couldn’t hold a candle to any of the company’s that Active owned before them. I’m sure there will always be someone that got treated a little better than others because they would do anything they wanted for half of what they should have been getting paid to do it.

  13. turk says:

    hi my name is Turk. I have worked for Dallas Mavis and Unimark
    Car Haul co. from 1987 till 2008 untill Unimark closed the doors.
    For all the years that I was there, I have never had any issue with anyone or anything at all. I have had chances to go some other companies to” make more money” , But I did not. I stayed and I made more money with Dallas Mavis and Unimark Car Haul.
    I can NOT say enough good things about each and every persons at these two companies. I was greatfull and honored to work for these two great companies.
    I am sorry to hear if anyone have had any problem with us.


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  15. Happy says:

    unimark needs to lern how to pay there drivers. there payroll dept. SUCKS…..

  16. phantom interventionist says:

    “He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason.” Marcus Tullius Cicero. I am suprised in one respect that this group, JHT, has not been the subject of anti-trust inquiry, since by their own admission they control either directly or indirectly 90% of the drive-away industry. With respect to Unimark Truck Transport, their operation is “suspect”. At best it may be an adhesion contract personified, their “agreement”, and a finer group of knuckle-draggers has yet to be assembled. I believe overall that the 3 stooges and Laurel and Hardy’s Sons of the Desert are required management training films. As for the union environment, one would have to travel a ways to find a more “cutthroat” environment cloaked in collecitvist trappings. IAM has no qualms about collecting dues at Unimark Truck Transport, yet has done a fine job of negotiating for the worker/driver, i.e. no representation, participation in pension/medical etc. As a “former” trucker unable to return to the industry due to an injury,I have had the ability with time to “clear my vision” so to speak, and truly appreciate what a “cheap” industry trucking is. “Driver appreciation day” comes once a year, the other 364 you are a glorified “slave”.

  17. unhappy says:

    unimark lowboy has become a terrible place to try and make money they have cut rates to the contractors and do not pay us even what we are told the loads pay every week its a call to pay roll to try and get the pay that is owed to us i am expected to dead head hundreds of miles to get a load at no extra pay this use to be a good job and still could be if they would get rid of hugh sawyer and pay us rite but i dont see that happening they will contenue to steal from us for it has become an every day thing

  18. wondering says:

    Was thinking about working for unimark truck trasport..Any comments good or bad on them? They make it sound appealing up to .80 mile, no forced dispatch. Just curious if anyone has some experience on the decking side…oh and how hard is it to deck the trucks? It looks darn near impossible, when they pass me on the highway. Thanks everyone

  19. Tony Krause says:

    I just recently quit working for the truck transport division. I am going to need to litigate my money out of them. Mike Melton the operations manager is as unprofessional as they come. I would like to hear from anyone interested, who may also have a complaint against them. I may be reached at my office 979-849-7101.

  20. Shawn says:

    Yes its true I wprked for them in 97 and 2009 got riped off both times.there s a nother company just like unimark.its quality drive a way worked.for them too.

  21. shawn putman says:

    I worked for them too twice on the truck transport. Side twice they skim from you. There just soory all the way around bunch of users scab bastards they need to be put out of bissins

  22. shawn putman says:

    I did the union side too back in 97 they will take you’re money. But that’s it nothing else thiving lying manager robert all our money was going in his pokit

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