Are the teamsters being fair to their own members?

We can talk all day about whether the Allied Auto Transport drivers did right to accept a pay cut to attempt to save their jobs. There has been a lot of discussion along the same lines about the union rejecting Performance Auto Transports attempt to force a similar pay cut through the bankruptcy court. The facts are that Allied is still hauling cars and paying their drivers the lower wage and PTS is closed.

Is my sense of fair messed up when I think it is UNFAIR for a driver with seniority that lost his job because he voted to strike rather than accept a pay cut to take a position at Allied, that results in either less work or possibly no work at all for a guy that has been driving for a year at Allied under the wage concessions!

This post on The car hauler is what set me thinking about this:

  1. Active Car Hauler says:
    If PTS workers came to work and the doors were locked I wouldnt have any arguement for their seniority rights, but this is not the case.. Allied drivers understood what would have happened if they didnt except the pay reductions, they did and their still working..PTS drivers rolled the dice and lost…now me and 40 other drivers some of who transferred cause our work was given up by the our company now face losing our jobs cause PTS drivers struck their company out of business…PTS drivers opened a can of worms…Ur former owner is still in,changing ur PTS logo to Allied as we speak, Uniited road is hauling PTS freight ,some of ur drivers who are being absorbed are looking at pay cuts. So who benefits from the strike and closure..the most senior men..and the question is asked why united road and others are taking our freight? maybe because the junior guys the future of the teamsters are dissatisfied and fed up with constantly being stepped on. But realize this, PTS went out of business while u guys that point You had no work 2 claim your own, you gave up that right ,just as u gave up the right 2 claim severence, vacation, and unemployement . The union has scrabled to force u guys down our throat but were not going 2 stand by and get stepped on cause u guys lost.. In my barn my shop steward went out on comp the day before u guys struck, that was the first sign., he wont return any active drivers call, and he has said he will not take any greveinces….see a pattern here? The teamsters is a democracy not a autonomy….Cassens and Allied have sent u 2 the bottom of their list……why isnt Active doing the same?
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