Bidders injured at Manheim Orlando auto auction in Ocoee

WFTV has a slideshow of helicopter shots. I pray that the injured man is able to recover fully. It sounds much Like the tragic accident at Adesa awhile back.

The WFTV article says Three people were run down by a car during an auto auction in Orange County. It happened at the Manheim Auto Auction off West Colonial Drive on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said a worker driving a Porsche Cayenne lost control and went into the crowd. Four people went to the hospital. That includes the driver. One person was left in serious condition.

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2 Responses to Bidders injured at Manheim Orlando auto auction in Ocoee

  1. I understand why it may have happened says:

    I can understand why that might have happened. From what I have been told about the Auction, is that there are independent contractors, that do not listen or pay attention to their workers. Workers are there to make a pay check to pay their bills, (in this economy). when you have petty things going on out there, with one crew leader may not like a person, and gets other workers involved to get that person fired or what they call DNR (do not return) that create tention and stress. That lets the innocent person say oh no I have to kiss up to her or him because they will get together and get me fired, because maybe they just don’t want me disturbing the little group they have already started. Meaning, already have the people they want on their van and don’t care to have new people on their van, so they create a disturbance to get that person off of their van. So the person is stressed and driving under those conditions, because they have to feed their children or pay their electric bill. The independent contractor believes whatever the crew leader says, because they have other people backing them,(their own). So at the Ocoee Auction noone is complaining to the higher man, because their scared of not being able to work. So you just work whenever they let you,(independent contractor) and just put up with the abuse, until the economy picks back up, to find other employment.

  2. Bah says:

    I know it was three years ago but what a leftist above. I was just some temp driving a Porsche too fast. They do it all the time but usually without injury.

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