Boydstun Closed???


I just saw an email that said that Boydstun Metal Works Inc. is not operating right now “Till all legal issues are resolved”. Their website doesn’t reflect any change but I could not get anybody to answer the phone on any lines! Anybody know what happened?

As Donnie pointed out here is a copy of the notice:

“Our Store Is Closed
To all our valued customers, On behalf of our owner Rob Boydstun and the parts sales team we regret to inform you that after 20 years of business we are having to close our doors. Thank you for all your patronage and support. Boydstun Metal Works”
Apparently you can get your Boydstun parts at TEC
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22 Responses to Boydstun Closed???

  1. donnie says:

    If you go to their website and go to any parts page there is a message to their customers anouncing the closure.

  2. donnie says:

    and to add to that…a question for inquiring minds……………………….What doe this do to resale prices on boydstun rigs?? I’m guessing it’s going to affect the cylinder units a bit…but the screw units..WOW…It’s all proprietary!!Huge hit in my opinion.

  3. bohica says:

    It appears the bad economy has put Boydstun Metalworks into another line of work..I read article that owner R Boydstun can take 6 junk cars and convert the scrap metal into pre fabricated homes. I’m just reporting what I read, (mirandahomes) is the new Boydstun venture since carhaul is in a depression.

  4. Derick says:

    I can’t believe Boydstun has just closed it’s doors so quickly. He must believe that the pre-fab home idea he has with the crushed cars is gonna really take off!

  5. Andy says:

    Does anyone know why Boydstun is getting sued by Toyota Financial??

  6. MF says:

    I am not suprised , the place was ran like a joke !! No customer service!! Once he got on his house kick he pretty much gave up on the car haulers. he was not giving rasises , say times are hard , but bought his self a pusher R/V and had a extra flat screen tv installed . He was really hurting . I only wish to be so hard up! . Best wishies to all the men and woman who work hard ! shed blood sweet and tears . who now have to start all over ! God bless them all!! Good luck everyone!!!

  7. Jose lahue says:

    Men i just want to complement a lot of the work youll do on all of youre trailers its always a great feeling to work with a lot of the materials you guys put out there thank you.

  8. Ross Lambert says:

    Unfortunately I am (was) a Boydstun customer. Let me tell you how that was for me. Right from the day Iwas supposed to pick up my new trailer these lying, incompetent ****** never missed an opportunity to screw me around. Things like the trailer not completed on time, trailer not built to my spec, virtually NO after sale service, trailer itself being a piece of shit-by far the worst I have owned, being told there were numerous qualified repair shops and then finding out this was a complete lie (in Canada),as well as owing me several thousand dollars of out of pocket expenses which I have no chance whatsoever of getting back. I could detail many more instances of Boydstun Metal Works deceitful, under-handed and just plain sleazy business practices that were inflicted on me but what would be the point. The proof is in the fact that they are not in business anymore and to that I say GOOD RIDDANCE!! And about Mr. Ron Boydstun….he won’t miss a beat (too bad about his former
    employees though)

  9. KC says:

    Boydstuns was a &*% place to work. It was my first welding job and my second job total. I started working there when I was 19. At one point, I broke my finger while at work. My supervisors told me it wasn’t broken and didn’t take me to the hospital. 4 days past, and it was so swollen and bent up, they finally took me in, confirming it was broken. Assholes. Then about a year later, my back was hurting. I had sprained it in 2 places. I went through physical therapy. It didn’t fix my back because at work, I was still lifting up to 70 lbs repeatedly. I’m a 120lb female. My body wasn’t built for that. So I requested light duty. I was told there was none, and I was terminated because I was no longer of use. Had I known my rights, I would have sued. It’s been 4 years, and my back still isn’t better and my finger doesn’t have full range of motion.

  10. Jason Janski says:

    Boydstun built the best head rack and trailer for the small company or owner open.the innovation and design for all their carriers changed the auto transportation business. I will miss their friendly staff that had a lot of knowledge! Back to Cottrell…..

  11. sj says:

    I guess I’m not surprised Boydstun shut down. I was let go back in 2007 in a mass layoff of 50 employees. The only reason I can figure that I was included, I was only 1 month away from my 3 year, and was due for a raise. I guess it was easier to let me go than keep a good employee on hand. It is really sad that Rob Boydstun shut down and let all his employees go in such a bad situation. To all former Boydstun workers, I hope you have found new postions else where.

  12. Sharlean Williamson says:

    I too am not surprised that (Boystun Metal Works ) was shut down. I worked there for a short 4 months back in 2000, Before I found out how bad of a company they were to work for.
    I took a welding test to gain employment there as a parts welder for the car haulers. After working there for a little over 3 months, they decided to bring in a bunch of green horns right off the street, with absolutely no knowledge of the metal fabricating field of work.
    They then decided to ask me to hold a short two week training class to teach these 14 people who knew nothing about metallurgy how to weld a bead so that it looked good. So that they could start welding these parts of the car haulers as well.
    When they first told me what their plan was about a week before they hired them. I told them that it was not a very good idea and that I would not be a part of that plan, because in my opinion that would be crazy to have these people welding up these parts that make these car haulers that haul vehicles all over the US highways.
    I told them if one of these trailers failed because of the bad welds and dropped a load and killed someone or worst that I did not want that to be on n my shoulders.
    Shortly after that they started giving me a bad time and I walked off the job about 2 weeks later. I just hope they didn’t get anybody killed with what they did after I left the company. And I am relieved that they are shut down too!

  13. former employee says:

    I work there for nearly 4 years and it was a horrifying experience. We had such a diversity of language that communication between reading enginer plans and parts was seriously dangerous. The laborers doing most of the work were of hard working Espanics and Russian descents. These were good hard working folks who wanted to improve lifestye tradition and be appreciated. The management was errogant. To get ahead within the company you had to lessen your standards as you may become a threat to your supervisor. People skills they were not….they took complete advantage of the those needing work to feed their families and treated most as inmates of a prison. It was a hell hole and dirty place to work. They had no management skills whatso ever… their engineers too where strong headed and wouldn’t admit to engineering flaws. It wasn’t a good time.

  14. Dave P says:

    Well i could see this coming back when they started to make those piece of shit Screw units. I worked there from 2005 to 2008 ,when they had the last mass layoff. I worked on side body in truck shop. Some may know who i am. I didn’t mind too much working there most of the time. I managed to stay ahead on my kits so i never got bitched at too much. But sometimes, let me tell you, i wanted to crack some of the management in the face .Besides tony and tom, They didn’t didn’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. I knew more in my short 3 year career there than most of the engineers and the management put together. I am actually educated in the metal trade and it was so annoying to have to constantly rework the engineers screw ups, when i made half their wage. Rob was two faced and didnt give a damn about us and Christine, don’t even get me started, she is a split image of Rosie O’Donnel but even more annoying and bitchy. All in all that company was a complete joke and I say “GOOD F***IN RIDDANCE.” I have moved on and actually make what I am worth and am proud of what i build these days. I miss a lot of you boydstun workers, We had a lot of good times and i wish you all well. I will check back , hope i see some replies from my old buddies

  15. mark dearborn says:

    I use to work for that company, worked there for nearly three years. And yes there company was ran into to the ground do to the higher management issues. They really didnt know anything except how to screw shit up and put people down and piss them off. When I was transferred to the machine department i was finally treated with respect by the supervisor there. He actually had a head on his shoulders, not an ass. He told us that the higher management told him that he should go around once a week and cuss us out. That it helps us work better! There is a nice show of there shit. Well like the post of above me says good riddence. Ps. Im looking for a fulltime job of 12 an hr or more, please send me any info on any possibilities please.

  16. Donny Fite says:

    I started working at Boydstun in 2007 I believe. I was working at a seafood distribution plant as a selector, arm deep in halibut guts with shoes soaked full of crab blood for like $10 an hour. One night (it was a graveyard job) I came across a add in the paper “now hiring welders! no experience necessary!” I went in, applied, and was told to come back for training. I didn’t know what in the hell I was doing! I think I flash-burned the shit out of my “instructors” eyes. By the end of the day, I had sort of a loose bird shit bead rolling. I was hired.
    When they divided us greenhorns up, I was told to go to see Jim Rhodes. JR stuck me in a new “up and coming” department. Assembling screw drive actuators. Some how, I was put into the the most advanced, high tech department they had!!!!! The company shirts even said “screw drive actuator technology”. Let me tell you, I didn’t have a high school diploma, a certificate, or any kind of metallurgical, engineering, or fabricating experience AT ALL! It was me, this wing-nut white gangster dude Ralph, and our rad 80’s metal head boss Kenny holding it down. Lucky for me I’m good with my hands, so I picked up the o/a torch really fast, learned to do some decent welds, and how to fit and weld the cylinders on metal rollers. I was hung over and about 10 minutes late every day, I brought in a pioneer receiver, a record player, and some wicked home speakers. We blasted 92.3 KGON forty to fifty hours a week. A bunch of dickweed Russian conservative supervisors thought they ran the place. They sucked. They tried to make us get rid of the stereo, and encroach on our party vibe. Kenny basically told em to fuck off. We kept our stereo.
    Later they transferred Kenny and hired this loud mouth arrogant ex meth dealer pill freak as his replacement. This dude was feeding me muscle relaxers and taking bong hits at lunch. It was retarded. It started to snow one day, and we were ahead of schedule. I convinced him we should leave. So we left like six hours before everyone on a friday. HAHA! We were always ahead of our selves, and always had time to dick around. I made weird metal sculptures, wandered the shop, and bullshitted with Ralph. I coaxed the plasma cutter guys to cut and bend elaborate space-ship Sci/fi keyboard stands for my crappy synth punk band. We were always the lunch helpers on Fridays, so we basically had a blast and ate as much as we wanted.
    I was making really good money for my background. I loved welding and I didnt really know how well I had it there. We weren’t building space shuttles. It was relatively thin mild steel mig welding. It was a trailer shop. The trailers and the rigs pulling them had lifespans. Do you think liberty ships in ww2 were welded by people with 4 year welding degrees? Those ships floated, and the bombers flew.
    Its true upper management had a sorta snide authoritarian sleaziness about them. They kept to themselves and seemed pretty nerdy to me. They were kind of cultish, like Boydstun metal was gonna be the next Ford. Thank god I wasn’t there the last day when they gave out the kool aid!!! the whole house thing seemed pretty cockameme. Total hail mary long shot. The housing market sucks! Lets make some fuckin houses!!! Rob was like Michael Jackson or Elvis maybe, surrounded by “yes” men. Regardless I liked that job and all the wahooz and weirdos that it employed. I wish it was still there. Good luck to everyone that worked there! In fact spare me some and help me find a job! Ill be on time!!!! xoxo Donny

  17. beto says:

    I worked there for 6yrs loved it I heard jim rose is running a place in idaho I would like to get a hold of him to join his team email me if u have info thanks mr cortez

  18. beto says:

    If u have info on jim rose how I can get a hold of him let me know I heard. He has a place in idaho thanks mr cortez

  19. vaughan enokian says:

    screw and strap trailers designed and engineered by the stupidest bastards in the world

  20. JeffG says:

    I worked for this place over 6 years, man where to even start. I had come to this place after having worked at Gunderson across the river for a year and then got laid off. I was just glad to have a job and learn how to MIG weld, but the shit that went down with the union votes was ridiculous. The pay freezes were a joke, people having to go years without a raise is complete BS when Rob himself is rolling around in new cars and all kinds of other new toys is a total insult. The engineers couldn’t engineer their way out of a wet paper bag. They’d never listen to the people that actually had to make what they are putting on paper. If you didn’t have an engineering degree you’re just a dumbass to these people. The only thing that was good about this place was my fellow co-workers like Dave P up above this, wassup brotherrr! But yes had some good times and laughs on breaks and lunch with all you guys. Hope you all are doing good.

  21. Lance McLee says:

    I heard rumors that boydstun was in the process of opening up again. Is this true.

  22. Rick says:

    Boydstun is back in business they’ve just released their first trailer.

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