But officer that’s just my fuel money.

This is an AP story from the TIMES LEADER. My thought was that legitimate truckers who want to buy fuel with the cash discount are now out there carrying as much cash as a lot of drug dealers.


Police confiscate $274K from vehicles on car hauler on I-80



State police say they have seized more than $274,000 in cash that was hidden in two vehicles on a car hauler they stopped on I-80 in Venango County.

Police say they became suspicious of two men in the cab of the car hauler and conducted a search. They say they found the money stashed in bundles inside two of six vehicles on the car hauler.

It’s unclear whether police arrested the men.

Police say an investigation is under way.

04-01-08 According to Penlive.com the investigation has turned up more money bringing the total to $474,000. Even at these prices that will fill the tank a couple times!

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