Can Teamsters regain credibility?



Teamsters has released a press release announcing their alliance with Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) to jointly go after non-union carriers. It appears to be an effort to regain some of the credibility they lost when the “Damaged When Delivered” report was released. The press release continues the Teamsters pattern of inflammatory statements like; “Both groups have concerns about the quality of service being performed by automobile transport companies Fiat/Chrysler has started using, after moving the work away from experienced, professional carriers.”. Since the press release shows no signs of any real influence by the new watchdog group we will have to wait to see if they can really make the necessary changes in this campaign. If CARS can make this a crusade against unsafe and dangerous practices by any car hauler rather than an all out attack on any carrier that has not unionized they will have done the public a great favor. As long as the Teamsters are leading the fight I believe it will stay focused on non-union carriers regardless of how experienced or well trained their operators are

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  1. carhauler1 says:

    What credibility did they lose they threw rocks at the glass house they live in!!!? Union carhaulers have hit bridges and not chained properly and hit parked cars and had accidents and even killed drivers in moving and stopped cars! Drivers distracted by cell phones or reaching down for cigarettes or whatever.This is not a perfect world nor are the teamsters and this campaign they wager is a distraction to avoid the real problem they do not want to try and organize these non-union companies for various reasons. Zuckerman claims ford is not using non-union haulers he lying on that one and Jack Cooper is being run by a man who owns a big sized non-union company in the west and fleet car has friends in the right places!So please teamsters have lost no credibility they never had any for a long time.

  2. Luis Almazan says:

    These guys have got to be kidding had they applied themselves to there trade from the very start instead of milking trucking companies dry with bogus injury claims and damage claims that were out of this world they would still be hauling cars for a living. We as non union car haulers do a much better job then they could ever do. There time has come and gone time to give it up.

  3. carhauler1 says:

    Mr Almazan were did you get all that from? No one is perfect but most union drivers take great pride in there careers and are not sick lame or lazy! As far as losing jobs you must not know that most jobs lost have been due to cutthroats like fleet-car.supreme accurate and urs and a lot of others and some of them are out of business or going broke, why? Damages and accidents insurance claims injuries to others and oh yea fines heavy fines for hauling illegal and so much more!!! Union drivers do not need to haul illegal or worry about seeing they’re families or health insurance premiums and oh yea after thirty years or so they can retire how about you? I know you are a O/O and make so much you need a wheel barrow right you must be the only one cause alot of people are losing they’re trucks and houses and worse the families you know the rates are horrible and the work conditions are horrible so please I’ll respect your world you do the same. Or we all will be out of business

  4. unknown carhauler says:

    I have worked for union and non union companies and must say you guys are going by stereotypes. Most of your claims apply to some bad drivers in general, union or not. From what i have seen union drivers on average have more experience and training than non union ones. A lot have worked for union and non union at one time or another. I have seen Allied owner operators driving big sleeper trucks, making union money and benefits. Why would you want to be a owner operator who gets a settlement check and thats it. When you could have medical insurance, unemployment, workers comp, and a pension. Then a settlement check for the truck. Buying your own insurance and IRA doesn’t come close. I think everyone should have these benefits union or not. The current government is working right now to change the laws regarding independent contractors, thats going to have a huge affect on trucking. Then we all won’t have to compete with cut throat companies who “lease” trucks to drivers and call them contractors, so they don’t have to pay benefits and can haul for cheaper rates. Some of these companies make money of putting drivers in a dead end lease, not hauling freight.

  5. carhauler1 says:

    Mr. Unknown you are partially right expierence comes from training and personal pride and most drivers on both side of the fence have this. Those drivers working for allied in big shiny carhaulers are being put out of business for some reason I see alot of them being put up for sale? And lets not put down legitamate O/O they have good reasons for wanting to be there own bosses and that is what being american is all about!!? Yes laws need to be put in place to help this industry BUT we know or we should know o’bama does not CARE!!!! This administration will raise taxes and more companies will find ways to pass the buck, this means lease to own will be more lucrative to these cutthroats!! And please I know the other side is no better we must VOTE all these people out and bring in fresh blood.Thank You

  6. Speedloader says:

    First, ‘Luis Almazan’s posted reply doesn’t deserve a reply. That particular post is a load of un-educated tripe. Period. Next, all I’ll say is this, Union or non-Union, business in the freight re-location world these days is cut-throat. Car Haul or whatever. Union or not. It’s not just Car Haul folks. Yes, I haul cars. Lots of cars a year (I’m a city whore). Contracts seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. To the topic at hand: Can the Teamsters regain credibility ? Did they really lose any ? Everybody is just shooting across eveyone else’s bow these days. There are only a fraction of the Unionized Car haulers around now that there used to be. Credibility ? No. Bad business. The Union(s) dropped the proverbial ball as far as organizing is concerned. That’s my take on it anyway.


  7. carhauler1 says:

    Very well put and spot on!!! ORGANIZE NOW!!!

  8. unitedroaddriver says:

    The issue guys is not whether or not we want to be union, the question is how does a driver working here at united road accomplish this feat with out getting fired or singled out and harrassed till they quit . At this point and time the company has got this figured out with lots of options to squash any organizing campaign. The several terminals here at urs have an average of 25 – 35 company units ,in addition to that approx 10 to 20 owner ops per terminal based on terminal location. We operate nationwide and with any service interuption at any given terminal this would cause the business to be covered by others terminals trucks. Also with the current use of 100s of outside (ununitedroad trucks) they have the ability to handle any work stoppage we throw at them. It would have to be a nationwide at an exact moment campaign to succeed. We would need lots of “sacrificial lambs” to get it started here.

  9. JR says:

    One of the main advantages to working any craft under a collected bargaining unit is often overlooked and attempting to be highlighted by the teamster carhaul leadership, (albeit rather poorly).
    As a union employee the training is highly focused on by the potential peers of the worker. You are trained by an experienced in our case carhauler with the only agenda of ensuring that you are COMPLETELY prepared to safely and efficiently execute your job. He has no other goal such as putting you into a seat of an idle truck that
    isn’t generating revenue. This is a culture of safety that is rarely duplicated in the non union sector. I personally feel that the tactic that Zuckerman and his gang are using is changing the focus to the extreme end of poor non union haulers and failing to portray the message they are trying to send. This is the result of the poor leadership that we teamsters are currently dealing with. All I can say to the urs drivers that are trying to organize is to keep up the fight, we fully support and will welcome you.

  10. carhauler1 says:

    The union needs to vote these so called leaders out or demand more organizing the reason zuckerman does not care and is protecting his envolopes that are stuffed in his back pocket his comment that ford is working with teamsters and keeping the work union was so out of line and was way wrong!!!URS and others are trying to unionize but are getting no or little help from union halls the union plan is to wait and hope these companies go broke and out of business so they can bring back the seniority list of old and I hope it works but they must know we need new blood to help get rid of old cronies and backroom dealers

  11. LA says:

    Why do you guys still want to go union? the time for unions has come and gone.If you haven’t noticed the Big Union carriers are all either already Bankrupt or will soon be so.As far as union car haulers being better than non-union car haulers that’s the biggest bunch of BS there is. The union doesn’t make the car hauler,the person makes the carhauler.I have been hauling cars since the mid 80’s never union,I run completely legal and make over 100k per year, company driver with good benefits. So tell me what is a soon to be bankrupt union gonna do for me?

  12. carhauler1 says:

    Well for one the union may be able to help you with your dreams of making 100k a year!!! There is no way you make that kind of scratch as a company driver anywere period.!As you know the normal pay rate is 25% or less and we know they do not tell the truth as far as rates go. so for you to make 100k your gross would be around 400k and wow at $2.oo a mile average you haul a lot of miles my friend !!! The downfall of unions have been companies cutting rates and and cheating drivers like yourself, you may have benefits and you may have nice truck but will they be there in 30 years when you retire or when your family needs it I know teamsters need a management change but with new blood and more drivers we can change our industry god bless

  13. unknown carhauler says:

    Let me start by saying that i do not want to insult anyone, i am not a union guy who thinks he is better than people who don’t have a union card.
    From my own experience i have earned more money at Allied then when i worked at united road. And i do it all LEGALLY. My paycheck is never short like it was allot at URS. I don’t have to deal with some little twit with a ego threatening to fire me. And most importantly I received much more quality training at allied than i ever received at URS.
    The little auction car haul company i started with put me it a truck and hooked me up with a driver going to the same destination. He helped me load and unload one load while he loaded his, then i was on my own. URS put me in a truck with a local driver for a week and that was it. No videos, literature, no safety classes, and no professional trainer.
    Some of you have no idea how much you don’t know, i know i didn’t until i spent a few weeks with a great trainer at Allied. I have also heard that Cassens has a great training program.
    Having worked for both i can’t understand why anyone would not want to be union.

  14. carhauler1 says:

    Cassens has the best training and safety in business why do you think more non-union companies hire drivers from cassens!! Allied is ok I worked out of Ft.wayne not a fan worked 7 weeks laid off called back 2 weeks later and went 7 weeks and laid off again well you know were im going ! I believe most drivers would love to join but the way URS and others threaten and use castapo tactics and the fact the union does not help and bring attention to the work conditions that these people have we need to use the media and get the message out, Believe me URS and the others do not want to be on fox news and other big media outlets!!! Lets band together and bring transparency to our business

  15. laidoff carhauler says:

    Union: better pay, better benefits, pension, seniority, work rules in writing, greivance procedure.

    Scab: get paid what they want to pay you, go where they want you to, do what they tell you to, do what the boss says or your fired.

    Why would anyone want to be a scab is beyond me.

  16. jsims says:

    who is working? who is laid off? HAHAHA!!!!! How about merit, skill, pride, comitment. I know all words not in the union dictionary. How many people have the union put out of work?
    I’m sure it’s more than they put to work. I give a big 1 finger salute to the union nonsense.

  17. NON-UNION AND PROUD(aka Jsims) says:

    AHHHHH, there is profesionalism at work. Please take notice the union driver going in circles. Poor guy, lost without his union backing. See if he was so happy and content with the wonderful lifestyle the union provides for him, he wouldn’t let silly things like traffic get to him. Bad union driver, will the shop stewart get him a tissue.

  18. tommy says:

    when allied lost the fords out of kansas city what did they do? they harrassed the haulers going in there! lets not start with the mysterious windows blowing out going down the roads. credibilty thats long gone. when they realize that they are just a pee on like the rest of us things might change until then don’t think so!

  19. sean says:

    Well I’ve worked both sides & the union is great & bad at same time. Work at nonunion & run hard & long & sit for free for days & no pay. Both make good money. Union has a lot better & training ( Cassens ). Made 85000. Non union with Alaplex. Great company. Great benefits. Union 82000. Awesome benefits. Home every weekend & 1-2 nights aweek! A lot of cutt throat companys though. If u can’t make. 80cpm plus a mile. Real miles there screwing you. Union $1.12 per mile to driver. Plus benefits! So cutt throat companys You all pay freight box wages way to go & make driver pay for there damages 100% what a great Co.

  20. anonymous says:

    i was a teamster and a car hauler. the only thing i got out of it was losing the woman i was about to marry followed by everything else. paying dues does nothing when set-up to fail.

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