Car hauler overturns in Ohio

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NEW CONCORD — A car hauler went off the right side of Interstate 70 Tuesday morning in the westbound lanes just west of New Concord and rolled over, throwing at least two cars off of the tractor trailer.”

auto hauler rolls in Ohio


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3 Responses to Car hauler overturns in Ohio

  1. tnjack says:

    more non union drivers

  2. R.Roller says:

    your an ass tnjack what the hell has that have anything to do with having an accident i have seen enough union carhaulers wrecked in my time so get a life

  3. Danny Bryant says:

    YEA !!! They should ALL be “Union drivers”. That’s whats wrong with everything, MAYBE Obama will make that a law and then we can all get fat pay and benefits with LOTS of rules so we can be lazy, incompetent overpaid morons, WE CAN ALL BE LIKE GOV. WORKERS. OHHHH, WOULDN’T THAT BE JUST SWELL ! ! !

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