Car Haulers in the News

I missed this on feb 1st

An elderly couple was seriously injured Friday when their car slammed into the back of a big rig unloading new cars at a Scottsdale Lexus dealership.

Police said the woman was driving when the couple’s sedan, heading east on McDowell Road at about 40 mph, collided with an 18-wheel car hauler that had stopped in the roadway to unload cars.The new vehicles had all been unloaded from the truck, allowing the couple’s sedan to go up the car hauler’s ramp and slam into the back of the cab before coming to rest hanging halfway off the ramp.Police said the couple was taken to a Scottsdale hospital, the man with life-threatening injuries.


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4 Responses to Car Haulers in the News

  1. Stacie Wyatt says:

    That is crazy! People really do need to pay more attention when they are driving. I pray that man will be ok!

  2. jim says:

    wow !!! thats insane

  3. steve says:

    I know it’s always tempting to floor it when you see a carhauler parked empty with the ramps out, but I never thought anybody would try it.

  4. Canadian Car Hauler says:

    The same thing happened to one of our drivers in Canada. The car went into the lower deck- all the way to the tractor and killed the driver as he was un- chaining cars on the top. As a result, it is illegal for a car carrier to unload on the street in that particular city. We now must find a way onto the dealer lots or face a stiff fine. All because of one idiot who can’t look where he was going!

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