Carrier crashes in construction zone

This was near Elmira NY but I don’t have any of the details yet.

car carrier crash on 17

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7 Responses to Carrier crashes in construction zone

  1. NON-UNION AND PROUD(aka Jsims) says:


  2. NON UNION says:

    Kinda shocked, no union pricks with stupid comments… Whats the matter? nobody told you what to say????

  3. Speedloader says:

    – QUOTE –
    NON UNION says:
    October 3, 2010 at 9:01 pm
    Kinda shocked, no union pricks with stupid comments… Whats the matter? nobody told you what to say????
    – END QUOTE –

    Normally I wouldn’t respond to such stupid comments …. however I have nothing better to do right now.

    Simply put …. simple so even ‘Non Union’ can understand it …. it’s idiots like you that give ANY industry a bad name. Union or not. Broker or Company driver. I’m proud to have been in all the above catagories. I guess it’s always nice to have an annonymous ‘user name’ to hide behind, isn’t it. I really hope you’re not a Car Hauler by trade. It’s people like you that make us professionals ( union and non union ) want to puke. Do yourself a favor and go back to school …. see if you can get past grade 4 this time. Cheers !

  4. NON UNION says:

    Mr. Speedloader,
    I deeply regret informing you that my comments made concerning this matter were justified. I would like to invite you to read some of the comments posted regaurding carhaulers involved in wreck. You will find comments like “scabs” “untrained”, so maybe you should suggest additional schooling to your “UNION PUKE” pals who seem to think they are a gift to this planet.

    ps. Your comment about school, how did you come up with a unique comeback like that? Cheers!!!

  5. Speedloader says:

    Dear Mr Non-Union:

    Perhaps if you learned to spell, I wouldn’t have to make comments about you going back to school ! For that matter, your sentence structure, prose, and general use of proper English grammar ‘sucks’. Perhaps before posting anymore of your ingenious comments, you could have a grown-up proof read them for you. Please feel free to grow up, get an education, and become a productive member of society, and I’ll gladly continue this discussion with you many years from now.

  6. non-union says:

    Oh boy, Speedloader you are my hero.. I happen to be a very produtive member of society. So thanks for your concerns. You want to try and degrade me? It’s pretty obvious you have nothing better to do with your waste of life. My comments were directed towards certain people. You had to put your two cents in. sounds like you just want to be heard, whats the matter? Nobody will talk to you? Are you over educated for your peers? Or just an ass who wants to chime in on issues that weren’t directed towards you. get a life you loser.

  7. Speedloader says:

    ……. many many MANY years from now !

    And he call’s me a loser ….. Hahahaha !

    Thanks for the entertainment !! Go ahead, have the last word ….. tough guy. I’m all done.

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