Central Dispatch Alternatives

We got 712 hits yesterday with the third highest search term being “Central Dispatch central dispatchAlternatives” Now IF there was a viable alternative, they would be losing business right now. Since they seem to have that market cornered, I suspect their revenue stream will increase dramatically.

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  1. richard says:


  2. anonymous says:

    Yes, the alternative is Uship and I use it and it works gr8!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anybody hear anything about Auto Transport Plus? Seems they may have a system that is everything a broker or carrier could want to help manage their business. Central dispatch major competitor? Load board, Data management, CRM, VOIP, Mobile apps?? Hmmm…. Thoughts?

  4. Auto transport Plus may have great functionality. I think there are several posting boards that do. The question is do they have loads that are unique to them? If they have that I am interested.

  5. We do have that, Glad to find this discussion

    Growing by leaps and bounds and given the landscape of the industry believe we are truly ahead of the curve…



  6. Rick says:

    Has anyone found an alternative to central dispatch yet?, proven replacement?

    I think auto transport plus was great, but the price per user makes central dispatch look more appealing. Any thoughts?

  7. I guess we needed to make this a forum topic! Rick what was your quote at Auto Transport Plus?

  8. Kelly Lawson says:

    Hey yall go to Cargoove.com.

  9. Kelly Lawson says:

    You can get on Cargoove where prices or way lower then Central. For the month of January they are offering a FREE lifetime account with automatic email uploads to brokers. 30 day free trial…

  10. Larry Smith says:

    I am currently working on a viable alternative to answer all your questions. I will keep you posted…

  11. Ron says:

    Try autotransportconnect.com

  12. Ron says:

    I log in too http://www.autotransportconnect.com it is new load board web site just for 1 $ per day looks like they getting more an more customers. So far I’m glad there is a something different then central dispatch .

  13. Carshipio says:

    Are you a motorcarrier with under 10 trucks?
    Sign up for FREE: http://signup.carshipio.com/ to get early access to new apps for your auto transport business.
    Complete digital office with tools to help you do you daily activities better. Managing records, documents, your trucks, drivers and contacts. Miles and miles more of cool features.

  14. steve says:

    Hey gays theirs a new website ecarstogo.com is great and in not lake Uship (horses/pianos/furniture/customer listing in self) I like it, is a alternative for this monopoly of centraldisptach,

  15. Salomon says:

    yes theirs is a alternative, tray: eCarsTogo.com. is for free and I heard soon is going to open to the general public.

  16. michael fodor says:

    hate outdated website-forums.
    “cargoove” .com doesn’t exist anymore.
    The facebook page has not been posted on in 2 years, and the URL domain name is for sale…yeah look’em up.
    Must have been one hell of a business model.
    Happy and profitable with central Dispatch.

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