CentralDispatch™ gets a new feature!

Not many people will argue the point that CentralDispatch™ has changed the auto transport industry. This is especially true in the POV market that is typically dominated by brokers. I applaud this new feature and the efforts that CentralDispatch™ has put forth to modernize our industry. I do however take issue with this part of their press release that was posted on PRWeb Press Release Newswire:

CentralDispatch strives to continually improve the speed and ease of managing vehicle transportation…”

I do sales and training for carriers that use EZDispatch software to manage their loads, drivers pay, invoicing, etc. CentralDispatch™ has refused to allow an electronic transfer of data in any form from the assignment page to the dispatch program. So in our case the true statement would be that CentralDispatch™ strives to impede the speed and ease of managing vehicle transportation if someone else’s software is involved!


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