CentralDispatch rates for 2013

Now we know where the 7 million dollars is going to come from.

Central dispatch rates

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6 Responses to CentralDispatch rates for 2013

  1. Tim Hudson says:

    Dave, I was completely taken aback when I got the email yesterday. It feels like they’re trying to punish brokers for being successful. I’m not sure what reaction it’s going to get from other brokers. This came with no warning, just a “Hey” next month your bill is going up. Thanks


  2. Hey Tim, what is your expected Tier? Just curious what percentage of rate increase this will be for most brokers

  3. Tim Hudson says:

    Tier 2 is our expected rate. But we have listed as many as 50 cars in a month. That’s a huge increase for a small business.

  4. Tim Hudson says:

    Just got their “new” adjusted tier pricing. Sounds like Central’s phones haven’t stopped ringing since yesterday.

  5. Kelly Lawson says:

    Hey Tim look into Cargoove. 30 Day FREE trial.

  6. We are announcing the lunch of http://www.AutoLoadBoard.com website soon. I think Auto Load Board will go head to head with CD. http://www.AutoLoadBoard.com back in 2003 had around close to 5K Users with thousands of loads posted daily.

    We are going to offer allot of new features for our members and will announce soon with more updates.

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