Cool pictures of car haulers

PAcarhauler has a real interesting picture gallery on flicker. If you are an old car hauler you will recognize a lot of the rigs and if you are a young car hauler you can appreciate how much work went into using those old rigs. How would you like to set these ramps everyday?

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  1. Bob P. says:

    Great photos! My father started driving a carrier for a company called University Overland Express out of Mahwah NJ starting in 1956. In 1961 it was taken over by Nu Car Carriers. I saw a few photos on flicker of a 1955 Ford C750 University Overland truck that went off the road somewhere in NY state with a load of 59 Fords on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My father drove those trucks! I wonder if those are your photos and if anybody knew where they came from and where that accident happened. As a boy I went to the terminal in Mahwah and would always see wrecked trucks parked there. They wrecked quite a few. My father eventually became shop steward and I heard countless stories. I have some pictures myself of Nu Car and University Overland trucks I would be happy to share. Thanks, Bob P.

  2. We would love to see your pictures. If you can email some to me I will get them posted.

  3. Sam carono says:

    Good job

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