Copycats and fakes on the internet

We all know they are there, just got to figure out how to weed them out. With all of the centralauto dispatchattention given to the sale of CentralDispatch to Dealertrack I have been watching to see what the response would be from the other boards that are attempting to compete with Central. One of those was Centralautodispatch. I immediately was skeptical that this was an honest attempt to create a healthy competitor site, because the name seemed to be designed to get clients by mistake rather than by choice. I went through this battle a few years ago with an outfit in Canada that marketed a dispatch system for auto transporters using theUnited road fleet same name as my software (EZDispatch). Although you can take it as a compliment when you are copied, it is still irritating to have potential customers duped into signing up on the imposter site. Here I suppose the name is different enough to not technically infringe on trademarks or copyrights, but it looks to me like the same effort is still road runner copythere. Then I got a friend request from Shawn Central auto dispatch on FaceBook. I thought it was strange that he had a fleet shot of United Road trucks on his Facebook page. I was shocked that United Road was connected to this site. When I looked more carefully I could see that the picture had been doctored to say Road Runner auto transport on the door. Where should we draw the line between honest healthy competition and bogus slight of hand? Now let me ask-Should CentralDispatch be able to keep their monopoly?

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2 Responses to Copycats and fakes on the internet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dave you have nothing better to do, you just run your mouth. I have noticed that you are big mouth is always up to no good.

    I think your big mouth will someday be tired than what?
    Sometimes you come up with some stupid reason to write an article without knowing all facts about specific site or images.

    Get a Freaking LIFE LOSER!!!

  2. Speedloader says:

    Gee whiz – what LOSER left that comment …… ? I wonder ?

    If you know all the facts MR or MRS ANONYMOUS, feel free to post them, as well as your name and company.

    I, for one, won’t hold my breath. Until that happens (your identity and your ‘facts’ are posted), the pictures speak volumes. Say what you want, name call all you will, fraud is fraud. I think we all know who the REAL losers are in this story. I think my private email campaign may also be affecting someones business.

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