Do we need an alternative to Central Dispatch?

cu_john_skeltonDo we need an alternative to Central Dispatch?  That is really the question.  John Skelton from thinks he has a better model that will streamline the flow of loads to carriers and at the same time keep the rates stable.

Instead of the shipper choosing the rate the shipper posts his/her need and then his system sends emails to the carriers that serve that route and they post their rate and availability for that shipment.

At this point, he is comfortable with his carrier list, and continues to grow the list. He is working on the shippers list now.  I think it is always in his best interest to sign up new carriers.

Another feature that sets his model apart from Central Dispatch is that he does not charge the carrier but instead relies on the shippers’ that posts for the revenue.  Since carriers ultimately have to pad their rates to cover those overhead costs, it does make sense to put it on the shippers’ shoulders up front.

I would like to hear your opinions.


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  1. Wendy Harrington says:

    For the last year and a half I have been trying to figure out the auto transport business.

    I have been running my husbands auto transport business since the loss his lease return work with the economic downfall.

    Recently, I have been listening and learning to many different sides of the industry.

    From the car manufacturer rep I’m hearing its my competitors that are bidding so low on the work

    From a transporter in the area I’m hearing” I’m not working for xxxx logistics there just going to use us transporters until they can afford to buy there own fleet and put us out of business”.

    Another transporter said a union company just bought out a broker.

    And today I heard one of the larger transporter companies in the area just lost his work to a new network sight that no one could afford to run for.

    All of this information is not confirmed just the word on the streets

    So with all the changes going on, the reason I hooked up with John at is because I think its a great concept for both shippers and carriers.

    It lets the shippers know what the carrier needs to run for and helps the shippers with time, phone calls, turnaround times and of course the bottom line the dollar sign.

    With that said, good luck to everyone out there because this is one effed up(I think I can say that because I have the mouth of a truck driver) business.

  2. John Skelton says:

    @ Wendy – I am pleased you find a great tool to help both shippers’ and carriers’. Thank you for helping get the word out there…

  3. Martin says:

    My two cents folks…

    I have been a shipper for a long time and used quite a few different tools to try running my operation smoother and with less headaches. I am a shipper and I DO NOT use Brokers. I have smarten-up a lot, especially during this in this recession.

    Now, I really don’t like when somebody tries to eat my profit. I would rather pay 10% or more to my carrier directly, then giving it to a middle man. Because I know that the carrier will always go the extra mile.

    I also often find that brokers mess up things for me and on top of everything else, they are not truthful… sometimes I think that this is the part that bothers me the most.

    Anyways, I very much agree with the concept you are talking about. This concept has been working for me really well. I have been a member of (as a shipper) for about a year and a half now and their application it does the magic for me and my carriers.

    I can only say good thing about their service plus they have really knowledgeable and helpful staff – no question there.

    I frequently post my available loads privately for carriers I often deal with with, and sometimes publicly. Many times I schedule all my listings ahead of time (start and end date and time) and the program notifies my carriers (via email), automatically.

    Then, whoever has available trucks calls me or sends me their rate online, and I just select whatever rate and carrier I like to do my load. It is really quick and simple.
    I see that the carriers like it better and I know for sure that I do too.

    Anyways, I don’t want to sound like I am advertising anybody here – just want to say “YES” to you and all people reading these blogs. I strongly recommend these types of services to be used in the shipping industry much more, then they currently are.


  4. BILLY Kelley says:

    I am just a small carrier under 55,000. I have worked off Centrial dispatch going in the second year now. I work mostly on cod. There are some brokers I will not work with since I would have to have a lawyer in the cab to sigh off on the paper work. I am not new to trucking and I perfer to remain small. I assure any one I can not haul a car ,etc for .25 cents a mile. My cost is much more than that. So if any one thinks that it is the little guy hauling for nothing it is not ME! So far I have 100% rating.–Billy

  5. Elie Issa says:

    We wholesale cars and we are dispatching our cars to our customers.
    What is a good alternative to central dispatch please?
    Please let me know at
    Thank you

  6. Disgruntled Carrier says:

    I started as a Carrier for Central Dispatch earlier this year in 2012. Initially, I was optimistic about my future and extremely excited to be in business working for myself. Six months later now, the reality of the situation is bleak and quite different..

    Central Dispatch has dried up, at least for me in the Southwest United States. I’ve watched loads go from $1.40 + per mile to well under .80 Cents a mile. For any of you ridiculous brokers out there who think I will run my fancy car hauler, with a custom built enclosed trailer for you at below .80 cents a mile, you’re completely wrong.

    Central Dispatch allows brokers to post ridiculously low rates, many of whom change names regularly and would be considered “fly by night”.. Many brokers out there should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they actually are. I have invested heavily into my business, and have some pretty big operating expenses. Between the cost of fuel, insurance, payments on equipment, and the government constantly sticking their hands out for money, the future is very much uncertain for my business. Brokers posting loads to carriers with ridiculously low rates that won’t even cover the cost of fuel has become the new “normal”.

    The carriers take ALL of the risk. The carriers are also away from their homes, and families for long durations making your deliveries. Brokers don’t have the thousands of dollars in fuel costs that I do EACH month. The brokers just sit back in their nice comfy offices counting their money and laughing all the way to the bank. Karma WILL catch up to you guys who do business so unscrupulously. If you guys want to see the trucking industry survive, you’re going to have to play fair and pay carriers what they deserve and need to stay in business.

    Central Dispatch was bought out earlier this year and is now operating under new management. Their system of operation promotes and condones the “fly by night” brokers to do business with them. Auto dealerships posting stupid low pay is making it even worse. There is no effective means to communicate this publicly regarding Central Dispatch, other than posting on forums like I am here and now. If you’re a new carrier starting out, DON’T use Central Dispatch. They will rip you off.

  7. john says:

    I am just about to begin a carhuler business. It seems that maybe the best way to find work is to build a web site that will serve carriers only. I would prefer to deal directly with a customer than deal with a broker who is likely to tell you anything that he thinks will put a commissin in his pocket.
    Imagine being able to do business directly with your customer. That is how we did business in the construction industry and it is really the best way to do business. Lets build a carriers co-op and kick the middlemen out. We could give better rates and build better relationships with our customers.

  8. Igor says:

    We are working on such a website right now. Our company is NVOCC and we have super-duper IT department, despite being small in size. Our guys were unhappy with CD recently (with how much they charge, provide no way to submit data from Excel file and work on the fo from phone etc).
    We are trying to collect some feedback now from other carriers and from truckers on what they would like to see and what they do not like on CD in particular.
    I would appreciate your advice / feedback here or just drop me on my email.
    We will go live in 3-4 months and will charge nothing probably or some small fee to cover web hosting. Regards.

  9. Greg says:

    As a broker I find many of the comments made here have little thought to them. A prevalent theme is that a broker is not needed and that haulers should deal directly with the shipper. Wht do you need brokers? Many shippers do not have the time or personnel to look for Auto haulerrs, sure they could post their load directly on a site, then receive numerous calls or emails. Now the shipper has to figure out his rate based on what each hauler tells him, then he would have to contract with each carrier , check their insurance, permit, driving record and so on, next he has to setup pickup constantly recontact the carrier to check on his pickup status, once picked up he has to continue to check with driver on delivery and here about flat tires, traffic backups and why his car wont be delivered on time and he thinks this is why I have a broker because he has three or four loads a week and doesn’t have time to listen to carriers he are late for pickup and delivery, no shows or wahtever, so now he has to hire someone to do this but he calculates it is cheaper to have a reliable established broker. Thje rates posted on Central dispatch are not written in stone, call and negotiate. Every freight carrier in the country does it every day on the DAT boards. Some brokers are cheap some haulers are just as ridiculously high. Each load has its own rate based upon the needs of the shipper and the position of the hauler. I have not figured out how a hauler cannot make money as compared to a freight carrier. You make 5 times per load what they make but you dont get as many loads because you think small and not volume, take the going rate, fill your carrier quickly and move on to the next load. Carriers need brokers just like a shipper does and a broker needs both. A broker is a salesrep for the carrier – you work together, he finds you the business and puts up with the customer demands and then he listens to the excuses of the carrier and does all the tracking and you don’t think you should pay your salesrep. The carrier that states he does not need a broker usually is the broke carrier that always complains about why everyone is against him and he can’t make a living. Look around you and see the carriers that are succesful. The work the system and move on. All that said , Central Dispatch is a joke. To much do they try to get involved. The broker/shipper work out the rate no need to post it they also work out the payment method no need to post it and their charges are ridiculous. A company will come along like Transcore/DAT and put them out of business one day. Brokers, Carriers and shippers all need each other;. Cut out the middleman who brings you business and deals with a shipper that does not want to deal with talking to drivers and see how long you last, sure some will be succesful at it but most fail, that is why there are brokers to begin with.

  10. Wil says:

    @Greg… well said. And I find it funny that there isn’t any repliest to your comment from the shippers/carriers.

  11. PAUL says:

    As you can clearly see, there’s an abundance of load boards out on the net. One that I’ve taken interest in recently is It’s a new website I’ve recently discovered that offers their services for a dollar a day. Worth checking out.

  12. CharMark says:

    I only know of Central Dispatch, Please help me find more load boards. I am carrier, Flatbed/Rollback Tow Truck that is ready for work and contracts

  13. Abe Scott says:

    For any of you one truck operators that are having trouble keeping your trailer loaded or don’t have time to sign all the paperwork for the “good” loads, call me and let me tell you how we can help you. We are a dispatch and back office service specializing in auto transports. We have direct relationships with many brokers and scour the boards for you. We also have smart apps that allow us to invoice on your behalf within minutes of dropping the load. You save time, which means make more money.
    TNT Dispatch888-609-5956 x101Abe Scott

  14. Igor says:

    Igor, i wanted to ask you some questions abiut your company NVOCC. How can I contact you, what is you email or website where I can contact you…. thank you

  15. Stan says:

    Have you seen CarShipIO yet?
    Software tools for Auto Transport and Car Hauling business for Free! 
    Participate early and provide feedback to vote on next features to be build. 
    One of a kind offer, really!

  16. James says:

    I’m a member of, I tire of this company’ high prices, old coding! I hear a brand new website. it’s coming next week, they say you can post with a pictures and do autobooking, dealers, carriers brokers only!

    I hope it’s work out good for the industry ! We need some new!

  17. James says:

    I did check but there’s problem! They carbon copy centraldispatch (a trademark company) pages and selling business just with a different name.

    I believe the uspot they going to look into trademark violations, just be careful!

  18. rt66auto says:

    carbon copy ??? that’s different load board then CD they allowed individuals to post cars with out broker fee. but looks like it is relay hard for someone to understand how easy they try to make it for car carriers owners.i took few cars from il to fl directly from customers who post cars on and the price for each unit was higher between 150$-200$ on each unit .So that’s a big different for me

  19. James says:

    Ones I was there (in the pages) they all look exactly like centraldispatch, but with a different name, and is poorly done! People posting they own cars? Mmmm is not right because ones you create a account they asking all kind of insurance questions, sound like whosale website but is for the public as well? Customers service? Mmmmmmm. You will have hard time understanding. (Broken English) Tray to make Adidas shoes in your own house, remove there’s name and place yours and tray to selling those, you will have a uncomfortable experience with the Law! Well I guess will live in our choices!

  20. richard says:

    Hey Fox’s check this new website! amazing!

  21. carlos says:

    I currently use central and I got a guy I know who use the same site saying he only do personal vehicle transporting only. he said its less hassle no filling out paper work and carrier packets. how is this

  22. Auto Load Board says:

    Stay Tuned httt:// is coming soon. We are working on the many new features once we are closer to our lunch date we will announce the date which we are going to be lunching.

    We look forward to working with All Carriers and Brokers and we want to your experience a pleasant one. We agree that allot of new load boards did pop up in the last several years but we want to offer different type of service and one that would be more beneficial for all.

    We wish a great success to all the brokers and carriers.

    Thank you, Team

  23. Stay Tuned is coming soon. We are working on the many new features once we are closer to our lunch date we will announce the date which we are going to be lunching.

    We look forward to working with All Carriers and Brokers and we want to your experience a pleasant one. We agree that allot of new load boards did pop up in the last several years but we want to offer different type of service and one that would be more beneficial for all.

    Car Transport Software Coming Soon, Auto Transport Brokers and Car Carriers will soon be able to use our CRM for dispatching and keep track of vehicles, revenue, reporting, carriers etc.
    We wish a great success to all the brokers and carriers.

    Thank you, Team

  24. Try our All in One Auto Carrier Business Management Solution!
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  25. Pete says:

    Just a quick note. Quit Central Dispatch (CD) over five years ago. From a carriers perspective, any carrier hauling through CD is not maximizing the potential of their business or effectively building their own business. Since quitting the service which was conceptually designed to maximize the profits of Brokers and Dealers, on the backs of Carriers, I have grown my business exponentially. I have gained respect of loyal customers for whom I transport vehicles COD, instead of running around like a rat trying to get the cheese in CD’s corrupt Broker and Dealer driven world. BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!! – websites, business cards, pleasant attitude and disposition, flyers, handshakes, smiles, good manners, on time – every time service, calendars, clean and hygienic appearance, hats, shirts, pens, etc…. (YOUR is the primary word and an extension of YOU in the previous statement) IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO EVER REALIZE AND ATTRIBUTE TRUE SUCCESS TO NUMBER ONE !!

  26. We will soon announce the lunch of but 1st we want all the members to give us their input.

    We are working on many new features for you so that you can conduct your everyday business much smoother. is not a new load board it has been around since 2003, but we are lunching revamped and new features which will enhance user experience.

    Stay Tuned is coming soon. We are working on the many new features once we are closer to our lunch date we will announce the date which we are going to be lunching.

    We look forward to working with All Carriers and Brokers and we want to your experience a pleasant one. We agree that allot of new load boards did pop up in the last several years but we want to offer different type of service and one that would be more beneficial for all.

    Car Transport Software Coming Soon, Auto Transport Brokers and Car Carriers will soon be able to use our CRM for dispatching and keep track of vehicles, revenue, reporting, carriers etc.
    We wish a great success to all the brokers and carriers.

    Thank you, Team

  27. Susan says:

    We are new to the car hauling business. And in the first few months I ask questions. And I learn something new everyday. One is… How in the world does these truckers print all this paper work to pick up loads and to deliver? In the meantime searching for loads. Hours and hours. I find its ashame to walk miles to find the pick up vehicle then check it for damages then tons of papers to sign especially bill of laden to save your back then loading and unloading and they want you to park it miles away and you walk back freezing! For up to only .45-.50 cents a mile. Seriously. All that work and all the fuel spent and days gone and you just broke even. If even. Needless to say the repairs to your truck and other accessories needed. I’m getting this feeling the brokers are resting, sleeping, and making way more money than we are. And we bust our butts. If anyone knows anything different please let me know. We work dedicated. And never late. It’s our job to be happy and everyone happy. I just need s little help to get this going better than it has started out. Thanks

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