Do we need an alternative to Central Dispatch?

cu_john_skeltonDo we need an alternative to Central Dispatch?  That is really the question.  John Skelton from thinks he has a better model that will streamline the flow of loads to carriers and at the same time keep the rates stable.

Instead of the shipper choosing the rate the shipper posts his/her need and then his system sends emails to the carriers that serve that route and they post their rate and availability for that shipment.

At this point, he is comfortable with his carrier list, and continues to grow the list. He is working on the shippers list now.  I think it is always in his best interest to sign up new carriers.

Another feature that sets his model apart from Central Dispatch is that he does not charge the carrier but instead relies on the shippers’ that posts for the revenue.  Since carriers ultimately have to pad their rates to cover those overhead costs, it does make sense to put it on the shippers’ shoulders up front.

I would like to hear your opinions.


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