EZDispatch gets “loaded”

This is a completely optional function and there will be no adverse effects if you just ignore the new function. If you chose to do that, the only change you will have, is that the way your drivers mark their loads delivered has also changed. The driver can no longer choose the day auto transport software driver loginthe time they delivered. They just have a “mark as delivered now” link. The time used for this is the current time at your main office time zone. If you need to change the delivery time anyone with an office level login can change it for the driver but the changes will be logged in the view changes section. The new mark as loaded now link works the same for drivers. Office level logins can mark a vehicle marking a load delivered loaded on EZDispatch auto transport softwareas loaded in a very similar way to what they used to use for delivery except they have both moved on the view order page because of space concerns. The loaded button is near the pickup address and the delivered button is near the delivery address. If you are updating more than one status at a time (ie assigning it to a driver and marking it as loaded on his truck too) you can enter both pieces of data and then hit either of the update buttons.

Because of the new load status there is also a new drop down box in the load viewing box.  IF you are using both the loaded and delivered status functions then you can filter what auto hauler dispatch computer program instructionsyou view by either or both of those. If fiter the loads to view only loaded and undelivered you can see what is actually on your trucks.

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