Free text scanner for auto transporters


Every single dispatcher and larger company that signs up with EZDispatch in Feb will receive a free text scanner from cpen for each dispatcher.heart

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  1. Hey Dave
    You own this server or what where are those Ads?
    Ya know I have no problem of you Advertising on my site
    I am really surprised you don’t have more comments
    there must be something about it making it to difficult.

  2. I think it has something to do with leaving the website address

  3. Mike (aka "hotrodtrucks") says:

    Hey Dave, long time no see. So, what is this lil’ scanner thingy going to cost those of us that have been with you for a while and are already using EZ Dispatch? Oh yeah and by the by, you gotta watch ol’ “Chainsadragging”. That guy will post anywhere. 🙂 Keep up the good work and let me know on that scanner please. Mike.

  4. We will be running an April special on the pen scanner for current subscribers that will be similar to the march special on the vin scanners. They will be available to EZDispatch members in April for $80 instead of the normal $119.

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