GM, Ford and Toyota prepare for strike against PTS

I think a strike of any length could be a death sentence for Performance Transportation Services. Nobody wants to break strike lines because we want to see drivers get paid fairly but in this case the strike will more likely result in PTS folding. I think it would be better for the industry if PTS was replaced by several mid-sized companies instead of having one giant. Then if one company does not treat drivers fairly they see the drivers get hired away by the competition. No strike needed!

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GM spokeswoman Deborah Silverman said the automaker “would take steps to ensure that the supply chain is not disrupted” in the event of a strike. Ford is hopeful there will be no strike, but spokesman Todd Nissen said “we’re working on contingency plans to keep our vehicles moving away from the plants” if there is a walkout.

Toyota spokesman Xavier Dominicis said the company also was monitoring the dispute and preparing a plan for moving vehicles if there is a strike.

Here is a copy of a portion of a letter written by CEO Jeff Cornish to PTS employees


Here is a quote from an information flier on the teamsters web-site:
“We have no confidence in this company‚Äôs ability to operate under any
circumstances going forward, even with one-sided wage concessions and a small
bridge loan from a hedge fund in place. Even with the concessions, the company
has virtually no chance for survival.”

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