Has car hauling changed?

What is the biggest change you have seen in car hauling?


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3 Responses to Has car hauling changed?

  1. Alex Marinov says:

    When you ask for change it depends how far back you want to go. I’ve been in business since 2005 and I already notice changes. In my opinion the biggest change is who the actual trucking companies are. Years ago being a car hauler meant you had to sign on with a large and established company, and obey by their rules and protocol. Today however technology and internet make it easier for smaller scale operations. Advantage is that it is easier to start up on your own, disadvantage is that everyone else is doing the same. As a result you get many unqualified, untrained drivers, dispatchers and managers. There is also very little incentive for companies to uphold their reputation as they can just start a new company in the matter of days.

  2. hubcap456 says:

    Carhauling is a CRAFT, a real skill ,with time allows you the honor to be called an professional. The change that has come about is that I’ve been placed with idiots that call themselves carhaulers, dispatchers and managers……call em wanna-bees; now the wanna-bee carhauler will be told by dispatch,” Hey(you know what hey is the 1st stage of 😉 I got a deal for you!” mean while back on the ranch the manger shakes wanna-bee carhaulers hand with his/her left hand,cause wanna-bee dispatcher is sending wanna-bee carhauler where wanna-bee manger wants wanna-bee carhauler to be. Wanna-bees’ are just as content as a pig in slop,wanna bee carhauler on his merry way,has no clue, with out even asking what the load paid, what type of units is on the load,and it goes on and on. The blind leading the blind.(PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT PARK UR RIG BEFORE DUSK IF YOU DON’T YOU MIGHT GO BUST—ED FER UR LIFE SAVINGS!) I know I’M NOT BY MYSELF IN THIS ONE. This is a change that still has me scratching my head wtf. Walking on egg shells…. With that said, if you know how to avoid the obstacles in this gambit of change in the carhauling industry you’ll be ight.lol

  3. sologistic says:

    Price for our “easy” job 🙁

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