Height stick review

Autohauler Supply has developed a new height stick and asked me to do sort of a product 4 stage height stick for auto transportersreview. The first thing we noticed was when we put my old stick and the new one in Julies Highlander to head up to the auction transport lot. My stick had to be propped up over the back seat while the new stick laid flat on the floor. That could be a big advantage when trying to put into the trunk of a car. The new orange stick seemed 4 stage height stick for auto transportersmuch sturdier than the old yellow sticks. I doubt that it will matter to very many car haulers , but at 4’11 my wife thought it was easier to use the new 4 stage design because the buttons and all were lower! The foot on the bottom of the stick is very superior to the one that wore out on the bottom of my stick. The Mounce Transportation driver that let us use his truck for our test said that the foot comes off of his stick when he pulls it out of the storage tube built into his Boydstun headrack. He thinks that new heavy duty foot should be glued or clamped to the stick to prevent his problem.

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