Help Terry load 6 trucks on a quick-loader.

Help Terry stack 6(or 7) trucks on her quickloader.

Terry puts 6 big trucks on a quick load stinger rig

Terrys 6 truck load cottrell stinger ez-load

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  1. Old Tex says:

    Terry…6 units,..Load the tractor just like you have it….Back of cab empty…This will get both units under 13’6”…Load 2 of your extended cabs on trailer…Drive the first one…Extend the front slide out …You want this truck far enough ahead so it barely misses the one on tractor..( allow for a dip when turning )..Back the rear truck on..use the second of the extended cabs…Leave 3 or 4 inches between the rear bumpers on thes trucks because it will come down in a ( V ) just like in your picture..Bottom of trailer….Back the last crew cab in the nose….get it as far forward as possible and still turn….Hang the last extended cab off the rear of the trailer…This configuration on that rig with the lo profile wheels and tires will get you about 13’6” on the rear of the trailer…When hauling out of Fort Wayne west or south …That load would be legal except for Iowa ( overhang )….Hang in there…… When Cooper got the first flat tops back in 1989…that load was scary….but I worked the city for years ( 5000–6000 units per year )and learned how to load that load in less than an hour…and so will you

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