I missed one!

I missed a carhauler crash that was reported back in November on indystar.com. Apparently a container struck a bridge with enough force to knock it off of the trailer that was carrying it and into the path of an unfortunate auto transport driver. It required the efforts of the fire department to free him from the wreckage!

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5 Responses to I missed one!

  1. big daddy says:


  2. Speedloader says:

    Yeah – Ouch is right ….. sometimes it just isn’t your fault !!

    I couldn’t re-open the article — was the car hauler driver OK ?


  3. jeff watt says:

    Hey Dave was that a motor city truck and any word on the driver. Hope he’s ok.

  4. NON-UNION AND PROUD(aka Jsims) says:

    Looks like a motor city truck, mich tag also.
    @Jeff, did you work for britts?

  5. Seems to me that truck drivers are usually the safest drivers out there. Sorry to see this unfortunate accident.

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