It is not a free truck wash!

York Pa.

They are not washing off the dust they are putting out a fire that started at an axle.

car hauler on fire

You can read the story at York Daily record.

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5 Responses to It is not a free truck wash!

  1. Wendy says:

    Who received the bid on the Philadelphia port KIA/HYND work???

  2. Speedloader says:

    How does that question relate to a burning car hauler ?? Or does it ?? Hhhmmm ! That looked like a JEEP product on the rear upper position.


  3. Speedloader says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, Cooper/Active has the traffic.


  4. jeff watt says:

    Gee that looks like a used jeep maybe. So let’s keep it on track. Any word on who’s truck it was.

  5. jeff watt says:

    Found out today it was Oliver logistics from suffolk va.

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