Jack Cooper and PMT sold?

pmtA post on autohauler shopper forums says that JHT holdings bought 60% of them. I guess they have recovered well from bankruptcy? For those of you who are unfamiliar with JHT they are Unimark and Active Truck Transport. I did a post about the closing/bankruptcy of Unimark and I think it is the second most commented on post on this blog.

Rob Says:

This was an aquisition by the previous CEO who is no longer associated with JHTH. He is the owner of ActiveCarhaul which was broken off from the JHTH company years ago.

bohica Says:

This JCT/PMT is like a soap opera. Greg May has kept his cards close to his chest, The rumors have been rampant and this has worked very well. JCT recently released a bulletin advising only Cooper and not a word about PMT. Although PMT has been reduced to a mere shadow of itself. Right now PMT is on “life support” and I think the gipper was spotted trying to kick the power cord off. The bulletin states that Cooper is joining forces with T Michael Riggs and ActiveCarhaul. This is where it gets weird, If you investigate further, Riggs is President or CEO of JHT holdings, and ActiveCarhaul is part of JHT holdings. TheCarhauler.com has a pretty good expose’ on all this convoluted mess in union carhaul section. PMT not too long ago had 190 drivers and about 35 owner operators and last friday maybe 15 drivers working on the few Honda’s out of San Bernardino and National City,

Looks like we have a new Investigative reporter on staff here.

bohica Says:

After further investigation it led me to Jim Barlos/Michael Riggs click on link and see for yourself who these guys are and what they do. Very interesting!

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