Jeff Rotella Auto Transport tragedy

jeff-rotella owner of rotella auto transport

Jeff Rotella was adjusting the air ride on an auto transport carrier when one of the vehicles, a Ford F-350, pinned him at Manheim Auto Auction, in Lancaster County, said Hollis Rotella, his wife.

Rotella, 57, owned Jeff Rotella Transport Co., based in the Westvale area with its terminal rotella auto transportlocated in Warners. The business employs 17 people, his wife said.

After Rotella became stuck, the auto transport carrier’s driver went to get help, and about 12 men lifted the pickup truck off of Rotella. He was rushed to Lancaster General Hospital, where he died Saturday. His death was caused by lack of oxygen after the vehicle landed on him, Hollis Rotella said.

To me this terrible tragedy should remind us all how dangerous this profession is. Working around powerful machinery and heavy vehicles all day everyday tends to numb us to the dangers we are susceptible to.

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