Manheim Auctions in Dallas and Orlando get AuctionTrac Car-Locater

I first reported on this technology in Feb and now that AuctionTrac has expanded into other Manheim auctions we are looking at the different possibilities to have an interface with EZDispatch so that finding lost cars can be as simple as the touch of a button. We are excited about the time savings that this technology will give to transporters and hope that drivers and dispatchers will make sure that the dealers realize that prompt deliveries of their vehicles will be more consistent at the auctions that use car-locater systems. If auctions see the added customer satisfaction benefit of these systems we will see more systems put in place. As we are currently assessing our alternatives we are encouraging input from all auto transporters. We would like to invite you to do some test searches from both auctions and email your opinions and ideas to . To search at Dallas Auto Auction Click here and to search at Florida Auto Auction Orlando click here.

Auctiontrac car-locator technology

There is a link to an instructional video if you need help using the search functions.

Would you guys like to see the locations flagged for all of the cars on your load or would a button to just find the problem cars be more useful?

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  1. l crossway says:

    get it in Ocoee had not been there in 11yrs went in june nothing changed the people are great but lord help you to find a car in its location i guess this will be for the car fetchers not the transporters

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