I passed Matt Shepard on my way out of phoenix and he was having a bad day. He showed up to load a load of cars he had pulled at Adesa Phoenix and two of them were damaged. I’m offering a $100 reward if anyone has information that will lead to my buddy Matt collecting on the damage. If you want to collect anonymously you can post the info as a comment here along with your email address and when he collects we will send your $100 to your paypal account. He had a hard time smiling for his picture even though he is standing in front of his new Peterbuilt/Boydstun carhauler.


Here is a picture of the damaged Tucson. There may be white paint transfer on the truck that hit it


4-14-18 Well NO info came in and Matt paid out $6000 for damage he didn’t do! Hope things get better for you Matt

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  1. Stacie Wyatt says:

    Thats a bummer! That is some awful damage! I sure hope someone will give some helpful information so that Matt can find who did it! Sorry Matt.. What a bummer!

  2. Joe says:

    Matt ,
    Your best bet with Adesa Phoenix is to go look for “Lucky” (one of the lot guys) and have him get his guys together and see if they can’t help you on this

    Those guards are the “Know all, See all” around the Phoenix lot and downright friendly (along with others at such places as ABC, and Mannheim@ Detroit)

  3. Jamey Key says:

    Im not clear on what happened. You mean he pulled the vehicles out of the auction and before he could load them, someone ran into one? At what point did the damage occur?

  4. Yes a car puller pulled it and it got damaged after that before he could load.

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