NAFTA green lights Mexican trucking in USA

Will it be bad for US trucking companies? Of course it will be bad. How can we pay ourauto transport mexico specs nafta wages and compete with companies that may have half the labor costs? I do not think that we will see a huge effect when this program starts in a few days. The reason is that we have been struggling with the same effect for quite some time. The new regulations will allow Mexican trucking companies to use the less expensive drivers to undercut the US companies. In reality those drivers have been getting green cards and coming across the border to drive US trucks for years. Under NAFTA the drivers must speak english, but if they get a green card, and sign on with a company on this side of the border, they can bypass that requirement. When I was in the auto transport business in San Diego 15 years ago I had a competitor doing this. As far as I know it was completely legal as long as he paid minimum wage. He paid a flat fee per round trip to Texas that I don’t think always met that requirement but that is another story.

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