Our Industry Lost a Great Driver: David Allen Adams

SARS auto transport driver

David was a transport driver for Sars Auto Transport out of Tucson and was involved in a horrible accident with a gasoline tanker near Bullhead AZ on July 6th.

Rodney White wrote:

David Allen Adams lost his battle with his 3rd degree burns. Dave was pronounced dead around 2:30 on Sunday afternoon, 7-13-08. I lost my best friend in the whole world. This man was more than a friend, he was my brother and this so far is the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I can’t say enough about Dave. He was caring, giving, and he loved everybody. Dave leaves behind his mother & father and 3 brothers who loved him very much and will truly miss him. He also leaves a wife Norma & 3 children who will sadly miss their provider, their hero. DAVE, WE LOVE YOU MAN FOR ALWAYS. R.B.W

Teresa Martin wrote:

Dispatching for SARS for only six months I grew very fond of Dave Adams. He was a kind hearted man that always had a smile. Those that knew him have lost a great and deeply devoted friend. Everyone that knew or came in contact with Dave will cherish the memories of his constant smile and truely good heart. His loyal friendship to those he cared for will forever be a personal reminder to me that time is short and remember to always treasure those that bless you with their friendship. Smile down on us Dave, for that is the way I remember you… smiling laughing and enjoying your friends…my heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to Dave’s wife Norma and their children as well as Rodney, Ray and friends…time may help heal the pain, but Dave, you will never be forgotten…rest in peace.

Joe & Jacqui wrote:

Dave was a driver that you could really depend on to get the job done. Whether it is a one stop full load or a multiple picks and drops if Dave was dispatched on it, then you know it would get done. That was the difference; Dave was an old school driver. Finding a driver like Dave in this business is rarity and for that he will truly be missed.
One thing that was for sure, when Dave came to the office, you better be ready to laugh. He had a carefree spirit about him that would always keep a smile on his face and laughter in his heart. It would follow him everywhere he went because we sure did laugh a lot when he was around.
Outside of work Dave was always fun to be around. He was full of stories and had a zest for life. He could always find something good in things that were bad. It is truly an honor to have a friend like Dave. In life you meet a lot of people, but only the ones like Dave are truly called friends.
Our heart goes out to Dave’s family, friends and especially to his wife and kids. Their loss is one that can never be replaced. One thing is for sure we have lost someone very special. Dave, may you rest in peace and Thank you for all of the memories.

Dale & Pat wrote:

We all lost a good friend. Dave was very caring and was always fun to be with. He would always made you laugh. Dave we had many good times and we will not forget them. You will never be forgotten.Keep that smile in heaven. Our hearts go out to Daves family. Rest in peace

Amanda, Patrick and Bradley wrote:

Dave was a great man. Its very tragic that this had to happen to him. Im going to miss him so much.He was a part of my families life for a long time and i knew him through most of my childhood. We will miss you dearly Dave. We love you and may you rest in peace.

Cindy S. wrote:

I had the pleasure of working with dave for a number of years & I am so sad to hear that one of the nicest people i will ever know is gone & in such an undeserved way. Dave was one of those people that you were always happy to see & you always ended up having a laugh or two while you were talking. I send my prayers & thoughts to his wife, children & family. The world has lost a wonderful man & for those who never met dave, you missed out. It will be quite some time before i will be able to think of dave without crying. I am greatful that i was among those who got to call him friend. I just got the call & I am so sorry that this has happened, The world is full of so much bad & now there is less good in the world. Rest in peace my friend, we will all miss you. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

Melissa And Tom wrote:

We will forever miss you Dave.He were a great man and a very hard worker. He always lended us a hand when we were little and helped look after us when dad was out of town. He has been a part of our family for many years and always treated us a little sisters or even his own kids. We love you so much and not a day goes by that we don’t think about you. May our rest in peace and always look after us from above

Raymond Wilson wrote:

Dave was like my truck driving son, I am going to miss him as much as I would miss my own son if something happened to him. I spoke to Dave everyday so not only will I miss him but daily routine has been shot to hell.

For those that did not know him, Dave was a good man who treated everybody fairly and he always had a smile on his face or made you smile.

My prayers go out to your wife and kids hopefully there lives continue on the path that you wanted it to go.

Dave, now you are up in heaven with my Mom I know that she will take as good of care of you as she did me.

Keep smiling down on us,

Love and miss you both,



We met Dave loading cars one day and never forgot his happy face that he always had… Dave your smile will be missed and our prayers go out to his wife and kids!! WE WILL MISS YOU!! Hang in there Rodney!!

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