Passenger train slams into stuck car carrier


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“By Christopher D. Kirkpatrick

Ten minutes after leaving Charlotte on a train Friday, Cherisse Boyce-Hollingsworth felt her passenger car lurch forward and then she saw cars tumbling past her window.

The Amtrak train with 104 passengers slammed into a truck hauling Mercedes-Benz vehicles – creating the surreal scene of twisted metal and flying vehicles.

“We saw cars, and I immediately started praying,” said the mother of three as she loaded her family into an SUV that came to pick her up from the crash scene.

No one was seriously hurt, but a few passengers with minor injuries were taken to the hospital, officials at the scene said.

About 5:40 p.m., the weighted-down car carrier became wedged on a sloped railroad crossing at Old Concord and Newell Hickory Grove roads in northern Charlotte.

It was unable to move from in front of the oncoming train. The driver had time to escape before the crash.

The train, which did not have enough time or track to fully stop, slammed into the truck, sending the cars tumbling and pushing the car hauler several hundred yards down the track.”

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