Reason #3 for not making money hauling cars

Reason number 3. Not maximizing truck capacity.

You may be consistently loaded only one direction, You may be delivering partial loads to Maximizing payload to increase auto transport profitskeep a customer, or it may be height or length laws causing empty positions on your hauler. Whatever the cause it is imperative that you correct the problem. There just isn’t enough profit in trucking to give up such a large portion of your revenue. The fuel mileage does improve slightly with a lighter load but most of the other costs to operate the truck remain unchanged. As a result the entire hit is born out of your profit. I know that for several years the Banning scales going into Calif were improperly interpreting overhang laws for high-mount auto transport trailers. The result was that you could only get 5 or 6 cars on a 7-car trailer. The solution was to get stinger equipment or run a different route. You cannot take that kind of hit and still be profitable! The flip side is that you can try to haul too many cars each trip and see your damage claims kill your profits as well

large loads killing car carrier profits with damage claims

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