Shipcarsnow introduces intermodal rail to used car transport

Shipcarsnow is a subsidiary of Union Pacific and has expanded their inter-modal service to the used car marketplace. They recognize that the online auctions has created new challenges for those carriers that concentrate on service to the used car dealers. They are available to subcontract the jobs you don’t want but better yet they will ship the vehicles to a rail head near you where your trucks can load and supply the last leg of the intermodal journey. With fuel prices where they are now this promises to be a very cost effective way for the transporters to adapt to the trend for buyers to purchase online from many different locations. You can read more about the options to work with them here.


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2 Responses to Shipcarsnow introduces intermodal rail to used car transport

  1. Dan Eminger says:

    Can you help me with this? I need to get a quote for 50 cars to move from LA to NY. Needs to move intermodal on car carriers.

    Please advise?


  2. Ron Lafferty says:

    I would like a quote on shipping a Honda CR-V , 2008 from the Dover, NH area to the Phoenix, Az area. I am looking for inter modal as it is my belief that the rates would be less expensive than direct truck shipment. I would like to ship on or about July 30 and have no preference to delivery date. Please advise.

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