Should the american taxpayer pick up the tab on benefit package for drivers?

I read in a comment left for a previous post that the cost of the teamster benefit package is $13 an hr or $27,000 a year! That is obviously a bunch more than good  health insurance! After bailing out GM and Chry now our politicians are pressuring them to keep their union carriers even though the manufacturers claim that they can reduce costs and increase profitability by switching carriers.

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4 Responses to Should the american taxpayer pick up the tab on benefit package for drivers?

  1. disgruntled teamster says:

    The American taxpayer will most certainly pick up the medical expenses for non union carhaulers and forget the pension..That’s already covered under social security… til your 70 and hope it’s still around……or perhaps a 401K?? These “chicken haulers” are in it for the short term….You hear it all the time….I don’t need no stinkin union…..Our own BA admitted that the pay is pretty close to union $20 hr. NO OVERTIME….and NO BENEFITS..=gippo
    who will work longer hours with complete disregard for DOT rules because only Teamsters play by the rules…multiple log books are used everyday in order to RUN HOT. I sometimes think that non union carriers were allowed to grow at the expense of Teamsters in order to be “more competitive” and now that the union has trimmed all the “FAT” now what do we do FRED???? Leaflet dealers and scare away the few customers who still can afford to buy cars. That will bring the BIG 3 to their senses alright

  2. Ethan says:

    Well let’s see, since the trucking industry is always hiring anywhere and everywhere why should we. Might not be the good paying union job, but as a driver you will never be unemployed unless you fuck up your cdl or have such high standards for pay that you won’t take the average 50 to 60 thousand year a job that might keep you out upto two weeks.
    Thank you Jack Cooper Transport for putting me into business for myself!!!!

  3. Ethan says:

    One more thing, not all of us gippos are gippos because we want to be. Thanks to loss of business, plants closing, being FIRED like me for having a accident, beating the ticket in court and only to lose my career as a result of a weak ass union, or a trade off, and you know what I mean.

  4. tommy says:

    i love being accused of doing all those “illegal” things, lets start with maintanence, the company i work for has a real strick maint. program. very rarely are we broke down, should we start talking about allied?as far as paying your medical, hell no! why can’t you? living too far above your means that you need the taxpayers to help maybe you should get out of the union!

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