Smaller hot dog or bigger garage?

I just found this amusing I guessoscar meyer

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  1. Speedloader says:

    OH NO !! That can’t be right !! After all these years, the wiener-mobile finally got wrecked ??? Quick Dave …. google this for authanticity (sp .. ?) If it’s true there must be a story behind it. I actually DROVE this thing once in Florida many years ago. I was posted at Patrick AFB next to ‘The Cape’ and it was there for an air show promo. The guy who had it at the time said there were actually a few of them in different regions of the US. He also told me what the chassis was, but I can’t remember. Glad to see the blog back BTW. Later.


  2. Speedloader says:

    So, from the perspective of a car hauler … or wiener hauler …. where are the tie downs … on the meat or the bun ???

    And what are the manufactureres specs on tie downs ? Straps, T hooks, R hooks ….. or S hooks ?

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