We had a good presentation to an auto transporter today in Denver and have another scheduled for tomorrow but I am worried that we could get snowed in because the news is forecasting snow for Denver again. We will probably forgo our planned stop at the auto auction to showcase our vin scanner and just complete our transport software demo tomorrow and then jet out of town and hope to beat the snow.

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5 Responses to SNOW IN DENVER

  1. Brenda says:

    Well, what can I say….snow is pretty when it is falling, but not loved by all.

    I feel for the people in the areas where the weather is bad, but on a positive note, it won’t last forever.

    I hope all will stay safe and be careful out on the roads.

  2. Fortunately we made it out of Denver before the weather hit. We did a demo for some really nice folks at Blue Sky Automotive in North Platte, NE and are on our way to Topeka for the next demo.

  3. St.Eve says:

    You should have stayed in CO, done your demo at the auction and then gone skiing.

  4. Stacie Wyatt says:

    Glad you guys made it out of the snow! I love the snow and its so beautiful, but not the best to drive/travel in!

  5. Hope you will could give your demo successfully. All the best for the demo.

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