Sometimes it’s obvious when your overloaded!

overloading gets you nowhere !

But sometimes it’s not so obvious. I have worked real hard to make sure our weights database on EZDispatch Is accurate. When dealing with vehicle weights many times it is easier to find the gvwr (gross vehicle weight rating ) when what you really want is the curb weight. Some data-bases are not adjusted at all from an f-150 shorty 2wd to an extra cab 4X4 long bed but on Ezdispatch we try to get it as accurate as possible to let you maximize your productivity by loading to the max without risking over-load conditions.

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3 Responses to Sometimes it’s obvious when your overloaded!

  1. Screwy Louie says:

    Was the burro tied down with chains or straps?

  2. If you zoom in you will see he is definitely strapped. None of that old out dated chain stuff!

  3. Screwy Louie says:

    sorry for being so outdated and even asking about chains

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