Teamsters take on Fiat/Chrysler


This is off of PR Newswire:

“Fiat management is seeking to transform the auto transport industry from one that provides stable jobs that support drivers and their families into a cut-throat, low-cost, low-quality segment of its supply chain,” Hoffa wrote. “In the United States, Fiat/Chrysler has recently embarked on an effort that transforms how automobiles are delivered to dealer showrooms. The results are disturbing from the perspective of both business and consumers.”

“Not only is Fiat/Chrysler attempting to destroy thousands of good jobs in the carhaul industry, but they are contracting to brokers that hire improperly trained workers. These inexperienced drivers are securing new vehicles in such a manner that the automobiles are at risk of being damaged while being transported to the dealerships,” said Fred Zuckerman, Director of the Teamsters Automobile Transporters Industry Division. “The consumer is not only getting a product that is not in the same condition it was when it came of the line, but may in fact be at risk of injury due to the damage inflicted on these automobiles by inexperienced carhaul drivers.”

Having been a non-union transport driver for an entire career I have certainly seen drivers damage vehicles while moving them but I certainly don’t think the scope of the problem is as big as Hoffa implies. I also know first hand that the union carriers are not immune form this problem either!

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