Teamsters upset about United Road Services and Accurate Auto Carrier

Here is a quote from Teamsters for a Democratic Union:

In Detroit, United Road Service has been spotted hauling Fords. Reportedly Accurate Auto Carrier will get a piece of that action, also. Other nonunion rigs have been seen at a few other locations.

I think they are beginning to realize that this strike has weakened their position. They will work hard to make sure they keep all of PTS work in the union.

United Road Services is a corporate carhauling venture

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38 Responses to Teamsters upset about United Road Services and Accurate Auto Carrier

  1. SKIDPIN says:

    Without UNION carhaul we are all going to take a big hit.The UNIONS were able to maintain a somewhat fair playing field by insuring negociated pay,benfits and rates.Now the CORPORATE big guys have succeeded in making it appear that the UNION put PTS out of business.The fact that UCOPIA (Ron Birkles company) was at the helm of both PTS and ALLIEDS bailout plans seems a bit odd to me . the number one and two carhaulers in the country and now number two is gone GEE thats kinda ODD.when PTS said they wanted sell all its assets the only bid was from ALLIED (pondering???)but they soon realized that was way too much and backed off.In the end We all know allied will end up with as much of PTS as they need to make RON BIRKLE awinner and AMERICAN LABOR THE LOSERSAS far as the non-union carriers I have some more insight but I have to go now and will be BACK>

  2. Danielle Morgan says:

    They are upset about non union carriers coming in to pick up their slack, what about the union carriers like Jack Cooper that the day PTS went on strike they gave Ford Motor Company 179 trucks? Looks like they need to be upset with their own more then the non union carriers. Also the teamster care nothing more about themselves, what about the car dealers that are waiting for their cars? PTS locked up their trucks loaded with vehicles and now no carrier can get them to their respectful home. So our question is, why is it the car manufacuters fault? Also the teamseter act like we are in Iraq, we are in America where it is a free enterprise. Non union carriers are doing nothing more then what was asked to do by the Big 3.

  3. WESLEY GRAY says:

    we need to keep union strong

  4. WESLEY GRAY says:

    im sure there is a similar intrestes in allied n pts . no matter what we cant allow nonunion drivers to take control of our industrie. we have taken a 15% CUT AT ALLIED. we can not take another a cut or any thingg elsle. we need to be paid what the contract states. i hhope cooper n cassins satick to their guns. we need to stick toghter as a hole we are all teamsters a brotherhood that i am proud of. i dont regret ever being a teamster .when i bleed i bleed blue n gold the color of the horses

  5. WESLEY GRAY says:

    we need to stick to gether

  6. Richard Martin says:

    WE all need to join together and stand behind the union and put are heads together and stop the nounion carriers from coming in and taking the food off are tables. this is why we pay are dues , if theres a shortage of union drivers in the area then bring in drivers from where its slow and give the customers the service there asking for . we can’t stop the no union driver from coming in but we sure can take as much work from them if we think and work together . We are Teamster. and we are strong . but some of us are spoiled and there the ones that are slacking and making it possable for the nounion hauler to come into are area . remeber they need to eat to ..

  7. ethan says:

    union was their to take my dues, but not to reinstate my career, for having an accident due to a blown air, beat in court, no convicton, but still lost my union career, nonunion carrier was more than happy to pick me up.

  8. Randy Miller says:

    The Union drivers need to wake up and smell the coffee here! The Big three and other car companies are frankly sick of paying UnGodly rates charged by Union carhaul companies. They actually get better service at a reduced rate from a non-union carrier. And in case you haven’t noticed non-union carriers are loading right next to you at alot of prime auto plants all over the country, and its only going to get worse. Instead of complaining about non-union companies taking your work maybe you should be pointing your finger at your Teamster Big Wigs that never tried to organize them and allowed them to grow big enough to take your work. I personally do not believe teamster carhaulers will even be in existence 5 years from now. So its pretty simple you either lower your wages and get in the game to help your company prosper, or soon be out of a job. The writing has been on the wall since 1998!

  9. hydraliccruiser says:

    You all need to wake up.It is the law of economics,every one is hit with it.They will not admit it.WEEE face unfair labor practice
    every day,union OR NOT.I AM NON UNION BUT BUT I will not work for less than I MADE 10 YEARS ago.Cars can sit till the
    end the world.I say take cut in pay you are a fool that bends
    to any thing.Read my words………………………….

  10. seethroughyou says:

    Thats pretty smart of pts. they kept paying their ceo and other top ranking people thousands and sometime millions of dollars, but every one wants to blame we employees and the union, so are the non union carriers ceo makeing millions ,I dought it very seriously, now point your finger at those people that had the greed at the top, I can remember times when pts would not buy chains or hooks because it cut into terminal mgrs. profit shareing. but then we want you peeons to take a cut and bail us out!!! they also were looking in the direction to fire someone when they should have been looking for bidding on new traffic!

  11. Rob Grandier says:

    You think the rates are gonna go down if there was to be a pay cut? You’re blowing smoke out of every orifice of your body. Because of fuel prices and equipment prices and the general liability involved in this business, there aren’t gonna be bargain basement rates. I sold a snowmobile on ebay and it cost 475.00 to put it on a pallet and send it 400 miles, now an average car runs about 200-205.00 for the same distance. How is that an ungodly rate? (That was with a non union carrier by the way.The snowmobile) It’s about maintaining income levels for the upper echelon in an economic down turn brought on by themselves. Let’s export some manufacturing jobs to a Communist country!Also billionaires playing games with businesses. It’s all in good fun, trust me.

  12. P. Wazluski says:

    I am Union and glad to be for over 20 years, I dont Always agree with the front office but I agree with the sharing the wealth and making me and my family’s life a little nicer. If it wasn’t for the teamsters everybody would br running for .10 cents a mile and/or $8.00 an hour! Now you can believe that or not, but teamsters keeping the rates up has helped EVERYBODY!!!. I’m sure there will be some say “I wouldn’t run for less than BLAH BLAH BLAH” I heard it a thousand times, from all types of truck drivers, but without teamsters you couldn’t refuse a load for better pay!!.. the beginning scenes from “Hoffa” sure do tell alot, where Danny Devito (without the union) has to take a load and drive all nite to deliver and back with little or no sleep or he was FIRED!!!! C’mon, that was for real not just movie hype!!!!! are you kidding me, thats ridiculous, but true!!!! My grandfather drove when there were no interstates and no union, my uncle was with Yellow Freight(ret.) and my dads with UPS(retiring soon) and now me with 20 yrs. in.. Im sorry but I like the union and what stands for, besides my Granpa said it Best 60 yrs ago,
    “There are lot of guys driving trucks out there, But very few Truckers !!!! now that was 60 yrs ago, imagine what we are dealing with today!!!! I dont like what the world is looking like right now, but I dont want to be insanely rich, I just want to go fishin with my kids and not have to take out a loan to do it!!!!!! Im sorry so long winded…..

  13. BIG DEL says:

    Well…….I’m a UNION GUY until death…….I’ve surrounded myself with the good and bad Union people over the last 31 years. I’ve worked in multiple union jobs. And to me……the KEY to being a REAL union person is EDUCATION, THE HISTORY OF UNIONS, AND APPLYING YOURSELF TO BEING A SUCESSFUL UNION MEMBERS. BUT HOW YOU WHERE RAISED AND WHERE YOU GREW UP HAS ALOT TO DO WITH IT………..I guess most UNION PEOPLE and just plain PUREBREED……it’s in there Family. And the NON -UNION are LOOSERS…..LOWLIFES. TAKE LIKE A MAN…..AND FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH.

  14. KarHauLar says:

    NON-union is taking our jobs…
    United Road has moved into Ontario and has hired driver for a mere $700.00 per week thru a driver service… Hauling Toyotas
    What next

  15. Hauler says:

    Union jobs are needed badly, has anyone even looked at the state laws lately, an employer can fire you just because he wants to. Unions are there for a reason and people fought hard to bring thier existance, it was done because of sweat shops and being treated unfairly. Is that what we want again?

  16. no1carhauler says:

    The unions need to quit crying and start realizing they need to to get to work. Where is the organizing where the hell are the business agents and union leaders?I know they;re in arizona or florida playing golf or smoking cigars with the big wigs from washington.They do not care one bit about carhaulers one bit.The writing was on the wall when Bonnano bought fleet car and leaseway managemeny took over united road.Since then allied has had managers take over other companys.Yet no activity from unions to organize or to stop the defection of drivers going to the other side.How about the u.a.w. why are they not helping keep union jobs they let the non union companys in so they can keep there jobs which now are in jeopardy.It will not be long before the autohaul industry needs a bailout. believe me they are all hurting the owner operators are going broke and the companys cannot find drivers who care.

  17. LOU H says:

    big dell i read your comment and quite frankly your an asshole, to call a non union man a loser.let me tell you first of all that i was union for 10 yrs and they screwed me hard when i needed representation along with others cause i wasn’t one of there little suck asses, and i bust my ass wherever i work., then i went to another union job that let the company hire you as a full time employee and work you as a casual meaning if i worked one day in a month they still wanted there dues. so after taxes and dues it wasnt worth it. now am i against unions? not at all. i believe you get better money and benefits along with a pension. but the problem is that union companies are not hiring,and sorry but i am not going to sit at home waiting for them to call and lose everyhting i have worked so hard for. my first responsability is to my family not the union i will do whatever it takes to support them. so if you want to call somebody a loser for supporting there family you have issues and obviously can’t survive in the real with that being said i believe you couldn’t even wear my workboots as i can adapt and work anywhere and make good money without losing my job whereas you need the union to protect your pathetic ass from being fired for being totally usesless. now hmmmmmmm that makes you the loser enough said

  18. Aaron says:

    Hello you disgruntled car haulers,
    I was a UNION car hauler out of Chicago in 99′. I was told that I would quit my job in six months. I told them NO way this was the best job I ever had. It was six months all most to the day I quit. You ask me why. The UNION never did there job!!! They other drivers , YOU KNOW THE KIND, UNION TILL I DIE. If I knew how to jump through the hoops the company put us through,different trucks every other day-excessive load time.etc.. I may have still been a union driver today. Not a big loss, because i will still have a job with a non-union carrier after the union goes a way with the dinasoaurs .

  19. 2MOODY says:

    All of you union haters need a reality check. First yes I am a union member, althuogh I am not a teamster I do Make sure there trucks are fit for the road. Now lets state some facts. Over 75% of all middle class make competative wages with benefits because they have to compete with union jobs, so instead of being upset you should be thanking us. Now I work with a carhauling company as a mechanic, and we are in the lower 80% for wages in our field. so dont think for a second that when these companies raised rates it was to pay us it was because from 2000 to 2006 we had the biggest economic growths in almost a decade and the companies wanted to cash in. the company I work for has been in business with GM for around 60 yrs and at the end of this month I am going to be out of a job. not because they were paying us huge wages or loss vehicle damages, work comp costs etc. but becuase of miss management, and we apparently could not compete with the a non union carrier? we the labor force are always to blame. not productive enough or costing us to much money yet they maintain there overhead no matter what, that is there pocket book. In the last 10 yrs we have recieved $2.50 hr increase in wages now I ask you are we the reason that the compny cant compete? now keep in mind that upper managemnts pay has increased in the thousands as well as personell. so the next time you want to blame the unions do a little research and remember, I might be getting health benefits because this company has to compete with union employment.

  20. big d(united road driver) says:

    I have worked for Cassens for 4 years.But currently i am employed by united road. i have been there 3 years. I make more money here at URS than at Cassens. the benefits are good, the insurance is great. The thing i like about it best is you make as much money here as you want. I am at home on friday and leave out on monday morning around 7am and made $98,654 in 2007 and $106,987 in 2009. Here the driver gets paid a percentage. At Cassens mileage so that they could pay all of there big bosses and ceo big bonus money for nothing. That is what is ruining the union. You would be surprised how much lower the rates that URS bids compared to union carriers simply because URS doesnt have to pay all these big wigs big money.

  21. Tucker says:

    I have worked as a teamster Car hauler (Canada) for many years and lost my job when PTS went bankrupt.What did my many years of supposedly job security did for me and don’t forget the highly expensive UNION DUES.Well let me tell you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
    They even manage to let our Pension get underfunded and now that is going for sh_t also
    And now I have to put all these years of exp on a resume and nobody wants to give me job

    Do I support UNIONS ??? Well you be the judge

  22. Both Sides says:

    I have worked for United Road and now work for allied. I believe that there are very few differences. Both have very good medical insurance, and poor maintance programs. Union drivers call others scabs and non-union drivers say we pay a pimp. The bottom line is we all have the same skilled trade. United road is owned by a hedge fund just like allied, active-jack cooper. These investors want a return on their capital, thats it. They don’t stay at the same hotels as us. They don’t deliver to the same dealerships like we all do. And they don’t care if we are a union or non-union driver. They only care about return on capital. They are not in it for a career like we are, they want to milk the companies of everything they can and move on. Bottom line is it doesn’t matter what name is on the door, we need to stick together for the greater good of all car haulers. As you all know not all truck drivers can sucesfully operate a carhauler. We ARE a skilled trade, and can’t be replaced. The people in the office aren’t licenced and have no idea how to load a truck. Who are they going to hire? Think about all the new drivers that you worked with that couldn’t cut it. I know the Teamsters are very flawed, but we need to stick together, some how.

  23. Outlaw says:

    Well we had a Union Meeting yesterday at Local 89, I knew nothing of it. They voted to run from Wayne, Mi., Lou. Ky to & from KC on the running mile. Could not believe it.

  24. PTS/Cooper carhauler says:

    I have just recently stopped hauling cars for Cooper. I am tired of playing their games, along with the Union. I do feel the Union had plenty to do with doing away with PTS. We were told PTS was in bankruptcy so they were on their way out and we just helped them. This came personally from a Teamster Union Official. Now that Teamster official is backing Cooper on all issues and will not back up the the Teamster employee with issues that should be addressed.
    Why did I pay my dues? and who is the Teamster Union working for? I don’t think it’s the carhaulers anymore.

  25. Corey Knipp says:

    What are you people thinking! Cut rates- cut rates nobody makes money. Why is united road paying a decent wage. hmmmmmmmmm, maybe to get rid of union carhaul? Then what? watch your wages and benifits drop… Wake up my fellow brothers who go non-union. I talked to a fleetcar formerly cassen driver, picking up a load at belvidere. Lets see 25% of a 700. 00 haul from bel to toledo. 175.00 no medical, no comp and pay for damages….. great future!! wake up and join us today and save fair rates and benifits. Everybody seen what happened in frieght. We are specialized carriers. If we dont stick together as a union delivery look out.

  26. under paid truck driver says:

    is unted road a good company to drive for?

  27. Retired Union Carhauler living the good life! says:

    under paid truck driver Says:
    is unted road a good company to drive for?


  28. Victoria smith says:

    Accurate auto carriers, is the best car hauling company out their. You all know it. Everybody is just jealouse. they have stong team, thats what it takes.

  29. Jim Dandy says:

    Don’t you all just love comments from people purporting to be pro-union with ALL KINDS of deliberate spelling errors? I would call those electronic Agent Provocateurs. It’ simply not believable.
    Now- Work Union. Be good to yourself.

  30. Steffon Perfect says:

    The Union model has had it’s time.. Now is the TIME of the” Co-Op”. HERE WE COME…….CAR HAUL Co-Op

  31. Scott C says:

    I worked for PTS out of Brookfield MA, and when the 15% cut was coming thru we(the drivers) wanted to try it for sixty days. We thought they (Teamsters) would let us vote to see if the drivers would want to try it! But, no, there was no vote and we were told that we were going out on “strike” by the union! When you pay someone I thought they worked for you, but I guess that is not the case with the Teamsters. Just want to say thanks to the gentlemen who put me out of work!!

  32. kids to feed says:

    get over it . i have kids to feed and bills to pay just like you. only thing i dont have or need for that matter is the”BIG BAD BROTHERHOOD,” who by the way keeps on losing your contracts with outrages demands. was a time and a need for unions long ago the only thing they are doing now is destroying this country. look at every bankrupt state in the country.

  33. Skilled Carhauler says:

    I say Unions is the way…what’s wrong is that the drivers are the biggest problems to their damn selves!!! There is a contract in place for a reason, why let management use you (drivers that have there own agenda) for their needs only to shit on you down the road. Non-Union i understand that you gotta do what you gotta do but if we all Union/Non-Union come together and stop betraying our industry the power will akways remain in the hands of the BIG WIGS. Big companies like Allied do what they do because we let them, our locals let them, and they take advantage (period). The whole industry has Union and Non-Union pitted against each other now guess what… the CEO’s are fucking both sides!!!! The Unions they are doing their share of the fucking too, but it’s only because the members allow them to. I while drive a raggedy Allied truck b4 I drive a non-union, shiny Pete because I want mine in the check, that truck doesn’t belong to me. We are the earners at these company, the office staff doesn’t generate ANY revenue, the CEO’s don’t generate one dime so our voices should be the loudest voices making demands for fair wages and benefits. Hey, if you are working Non-Union, I have no issues with that that is your choice ( you have to take care of your family and i won’t deny anybody that right) but don’t condemn the Union drivers for standing up to companies to provide a fair workplace, after all you are benefiting from most of their arguments and protests over the course of time. At the same time Union employees shouldn’t condemn a Non-Union driver for using his skill to provide for his family the same as you do.

  34. stacey says:

    we can’t get even sell cars….. cuz we can’t get them… quit crying pick up the cars deliver them to the dealers. this is so stupid you get paid to deliver the cars… be thankful you have a job. stop slowing the economy down… do just your job. WE are all losing money everyday!

  35. had a enough says:

    i worked for a union company for 10 yrs now work for a non union company for the last 4 somebody made a commet about danny devito and the movie hoffa did u even watch that movie he was crook in bed with the mafia thats why the killed him teamsters are no better!

  36. Rob T. says:

    What ever happened to Accurate Transport? I know that they went belly up, but why? They were non-union. The greatest company to work for I was told by a number of their drivers. What the hell happened?!?!! I’ll tell you…mismanaged. Certainly wasn’t all them non-union drivers sucking up all the profits, was it? But when the union company suffers, goes into bankruptsy protection, it’s the union drivers’ fault. Really, think about it.

  37. Pavlo Magola says:

    Guys help me out give me a tip on how to bit on new car hauling contracts. Thank You.

  38. Steven Lemon says:

    What I am hearing from you union guys is you just don’t like the fee enterprise, competition based system that every other industry lives by.
    STOP NON UNION CARRIERS FROM COMING IN AND TAKING OUR JOBS???/ WTF??!! ALL jobs belong the the EMPLOYER until he decides who gets them. If you want guaranteed income and a lifetime job tenure, fine. Let your union do it’s best to get that for you, but you don’t have the right nor the might to stop non union workers from doing anything.
    Those days of goons prowling the streets with billy clubs and handguns are long gone.
    Huntin ain’t as much fun if the rabbit also has a gun.

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