The effects of high fuel prices

auto transporter hope that they never see these prices in the usaAccording to Yahoo News the oil companies are posting record profits but the hardworking truckers and farmers are posting record losses. Even though the truckers are hurting, we see the prices of everything rising because of the increased cost to get it to market. I don’t know anyone who is not affected.

Competition does not seem to exist between oil companies, where demand seems to remain high even when prices soar. If the price of cherries triples, we can eat apple pie instead, but when the price of fuel triples the trucker has no options. The worker who commutes may have to change jobs or move if he/she cannot carpool or ride public transportation. If you look at the very poor it gets even worse. For some, the price of food is rising out of reach! I don’t know what the solution is, but for those of us that can still eat we need to be thankful and also consider ways to help those who cannot. Autohauler Supply is trying to help by promoting a program that matches $1,$2,$5 and $10 donations to World Food Program. If you are considering making a donation they have made it easy for you and at the same time doubled it’s effectiveness

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