The feds propose lower limits on hours of service.

Does anybody think this is a good Idea? If we idle drivers and equipment for more hours each week we would need to make more money in the hours it does roll to make up the difference. In the current economy, will the rates rise to make up the difference if the proposal is adopted?

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2 Responses to The feds propose lower limits on hours of service.

  1. dewayne says:

    either people are going 2 moan and groan, just like the hours of service change before, untill electronic logs are in my truck that im driving i could care less, u still have 2 lie 2 get the job done some of the time

  2. Speedloader says:

    Ever since de-regulation of the transport industry, as a whole, this is simply getting tiring !! No pun intended. The early 90’s brought big changes, and I’ve, quite frankly, have been having trouble keeping up ever since !! Changes keep comeing and coming ….. maybe it’s just me …..

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