The new Peterbilt 388 low profile carhauler chassis

Press release from Cottrell:Cottrell auto transport trailers

Friday, June 20, 2008 –
First Strap on a Peterbilt 388

Cottrell is pleased to introduce the first Peterbilt 388 with a 48 inch sleeper design. This piece of equipment illustrates our new 3-car CS headramp and CX-6MST trailer. This picture can be best described as prestige meets the next generation of car hauling.

I did read that there is a recall on the door latches on some of the new 388 cabs. The PETERBILT site is up now or you can call them at 1-940-591-4201.

388 peterbuilt cottrell carhauler

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3 Responses to The new Peterbilt 388 low profile carhauler chassis

  1. Shafi says:

    need peterbilt 10 car hauler 2008 and up

  2. David Burns says:

    Looking for a 10 car hauler in Canada does any one have a contact number

  3. James D. Lacey says:

    Looking for a Car Hauler with the use of Chains. Not Straps.

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