Is the Teamster Leadership whitewashing this contract?

teamsters local 604

Here is a copy of a letter posted on the teamster local 604 site:

July 23, 2008

James Hoffa
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
25 Louisiana Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dear President Hoffa,

My name is David Dawson and I am the Union Steward for Jack Cooper Transport in Kansas City, MO Local 41. As you know, the contract for Car haul is being voted on and aggressively being promoted by the Union. Our local president and business agent, Ralph Stubbs and Ken Booker presented the contract to us with poor results, consequently on July 14th Fred Zuckerman and Paul Hauck held a meeting to promote this tentative agreement. Unfortunately, this contract has numerous problems and there was active disagreement with a clear majority clearly against it. Later, it came to my attention from numerous phone calls that the Union website stated that after the contract presentation on the 14th, the men in Kansas City were going to approve this . Anyone at the meeting would have known that this contract was clearly going to be voted down by the reaction of the members at the meeting.

I called Paul Hauck on the 17th at the urging of many of my men to discuss this misleading posting on the web- site and voice my opinion of this misstatement. The conversation started out cordially for the first few sentences until I asked him if he remembered me and he replied that he did since I had asked some “ridiculous, asinine” questions. I asked him why the web site had the posting saying that the contract was going to pass in Kansas City ; he said he had talked to Ralph Stubbs, who assured him it would pass. Unfortunately, Stubbs never talked to any of the union stewards affected. After that our conversation turned into a tirade by Mr. Hauck where he called me an axxhole, a miserable fxxk, a fxxking axxhole so many times that I hung up the phone. I feel this kind of behavior is very unprofessional and beneath the Teamster organization.

I feel Mr. Hauck is paid by my union dues and has no right to talk to me or anyone else this way. If this is the way this man negotiates, no wonder we have a tentative contract that has very little in it for the employees. I would hope, as our President, you would counsel this man about how to talk to another Teamster and reprimand him if you see fit.

Thank you for your attention of this very serious manner. I trust you will do what is right .


David N. Dawson

Cc. Fred Zuckerman, C Thomas Keegel

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    get m john!!!!!!!!!

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