the key to great transport rates?

Lamborghini LP640
London-based newspaper The Sun reported in late July 2008 that a wealthy resident of Qatar paid about $42,000 to have his Lamborghini LP640 airlifted to London — for an oil change. Environmentalists were outraged over the 6,500-mile weekend round trip, citing the huge carbon footprint left behind. The oil change itself reportedly cost only $6,500 [Source: Syson].
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  1. Speedloader says:

    $6,500 for an oil change ??? Jeez Louise ! That’s steep even for a Lambo !! But I quess if your’e going to air-lift it to the shop for $42K, who cares !

    Just imagine what this guy could do if he had OUR money as Car Haulers !!!!

    Personally, I’d have 7 LP640’s. A different colored one for each day of the week !!!

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