Transport scammers on Craigslist

Apparently auto transport scammers are becoming a problem on Craigslist! The problem I can see is that they are advising that we can avoid scams by dealing in person rather than online! I think it would really hamper your choices if you actually took that advise! I have a database of thousands of legit auto shippers that I have developed over the years that could possibly be used along side of government sites to verify the authenticity of a shipper as well as supply valid communication info such as phone numbers  and email addresses to make sure you are actually dealing with a shipper rather than someone who has looked up a licensed shipper and uses their name to scam you!

email me at dave@ezdispatch if you would like your shipper verified.

craigslist shipping scam warning

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2 Responses to Transport scammers on Craigslist

  1. Thomas McNnamm says:


    You’re reading into the warning from Craigslist all wrong. This warning on Craigslist is more geared towards the scammers that are selling vehicles way under market value (EX: 2008 BMX X5 for $4997) and asking potential customer to pay them through E-Bays invoicing service so that they can “SHIP” the car to them without any delays. The warning from CL has nothing to with “auto transporters” whatsoever. I’d be more worried about the illegal haulers that are prevelant on U-Ship than legitimate haulers that are posting their services on Craigslist.

    You may want to amend your article spelling out what the facts exactly are in the “Fraudulent Shipping Warning” from Craigslist, OK.


    Thomas Mc

  2. ZipShip says:

    The auto transport industry is stressful enough without having to deal with dishonest auto transport brokers that will do anything to get your business. Although the supply and demand tips towards the demand for truckers to have your vehicle moved, still brokerage firms battle it out till the end to seal the deal. How do they do it, you might ask? Simple – they offer you the cheapest quote. Money rules the world, no question. If you are planning on having your car moved from your small town of Williamsport, PA all the way to Miami, FL, wouldn’t you rather pay $500 versus $700? So there you have it, brokers propose to beat all other quotes that you are receiving in order to get your business. Once they have convinced you to go with them, they go for the kill and request a deposit. Usually a deposit is $100 to $200. Once that card number is provided, that’s it, you’re done. Now remember that really low quote they offered you? All of a sudden, it is harder to get a trucker or carrier to move your vehicle for that low a price – go figure. Since you’ve already spent money by giving a deposit you have no other choice but to listen to what they are saying. And you’ll even agree to all of their explanations as to why you must increase your price in order to get a trucker’s interest in moving your car.
    Carriers, also known as trucking companies, will agree to move a vehicle if they can somewhat profit from it. To profit from a move they must consider various factors, such as gas prices, the distance of the move, how remote the pick-up and drop-off locations are, the weight of the vehicle, etc. If it will cost them $400 to move your car, why on earth would they accept to move it for $350? Brokers have enough experience to gage how high or low a quote must be in order to attract a trucker or carrier to take the job. Therefore, please be aware that if they urge you to up your price after promising you this original low quote and taking your deposit that they knew this all along.
    The trick to not getting tricked is to opt for an auto transport brokerage firm that does not request or demand a deposit up front. That puts more pressure on the broker to offer you a realistic quote in order to get your business as they know that there is nothing to hold you to giving them your business. Ethical and hard working companies like Zip Ship have a strict no deposit policy. They pride themselves in providing upstanding customer service and realistic quotes. Although they will do everything in their power to get you the lowest possible price, their goal is to offer a fair market price so that both parties are happy, therefore you the customer and the trucking company or carrier service.
    For more information about how the auto transport industry works and to get clear answers on the ins and outs of the process and what to expect, check out the Zip Ship website today or call now.

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