Transporter flips in Florida

florida oops 2

This is off of the website. The driver appeared to have no injuries. Can’t say the same for the cars he was hauling though. He is probably going to spend some change at a body shop.

florida oops 1

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10 Responses to Transporter flips in Florida

  1. Jeff Watt says:

    As much as I want to take this and run with it. Glad nobody was hurt. But looks like 4 chains would have lowered the damage to the vechiles on the truck

  2. ethan says:

    ok you say that, but if you are a driver and have been haulin cars for any length of time you almost surely have short chained one or all, but anyway with all staps in the near future this will happen even with all four wheels straped because the straps woud break from the torque

  3. Jeff Watt says:

    Ethan I agree with you about the straps as I have been given a darn strap trailer (I hate it) I however had a blow out on a steer in 2000 at the posted speed in Az of 75mph. Truck went to right and through the guard rail and laid over on the right side. Both myself and my oldest daughter walked away as did 9 Jaguars with only 1 getting minor damage. I got caught one time at the scale about 14 years ago on a chain check and got a $ 750 tickett for not having 4 chains that was all it took. I also am the person that wrote into the Trucker newspaper in Jan in reguards to the Damaged when delivered article. So I know I am being watched and welcome anyone at anytime to check my load. I see it all the time at the railhead and you know it might take a bit longer to load it right but I know that when I roll out I am good to go. And my family our anyone else”s would be safe riding on the hiway with me. Like a said glad the driver came out ok and the other folks on the hiway could have been worse and thank God thats all it was. He might of had 4 chains and some of them or the ratches might have broken so I should not have made the statement I made.

  4. unknown carhauler says:

    I all ways wondered what happened to those old leaseway trucks.

  5. Speedloader says:

    February 20th, 2010 at 9:06 pm
    unknown carhauler Says:
    I all ways wondered what happened to those old leaseway trucks.

    Well Ol Buddy, there goes one we don’t have to wonder about anymore !!

  6. laidoff carhauler says:

    Well there you go, see what happens when an untrained scab buys an old Leaseway truck and thinks he’s a carhauler.

  7. laidoff carhauler says:

    And as far as using 4 chains, well it seems to me they were put there for a reason. Always used all 4, and always will.


    HE PROBABLY RETIRED FROM UNION.How many times have you seen UNION drivers put the chains on and barely put3 clicks o n the rachet? I saw an awfull lot of that. Loading next to cassen and allied drivers. You should realy stop the name calling, makes you sound… I’m sure you can figure out where that wa going.

  9. tommy says:

    another leaseway piece of garbage off the road

  10. Old Tex says:

    Not Leaseway colors..That’s an old PMT rig…

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