Transportfool gets banned from teamstersonline!!!

I just got run out of dodge!

I didn’t get banned for a raging post, or even for a post at all for that matter. I got banned because I don’t have a union card in my wallet! Here is the notice I got:

vBulletin Message

You have been banned for the following reason:
Not a Teamster/Union Member

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Now that I think about it I can’t ever remember the teamsters described as “friendly”

According to TDU (they haven’t banned me yet) the teamsters union is accusing Allied Systems Holdings INC. of breach of contract and asking that each teamsters get reimbursed all wage concessions retroactively with interest!

Update: I have reviewed the rules page at teamsters online. In their defense it is right there in rule #3 that us non-union guys are not allowed to sign up. What I found real funny was the very first sentence in the rules was: is a friendly place.

The Transportfool isn’t buying that one though!

  • September 25th, 2008 at 6:41 am Edit

    Rocky Says:

    Hey Dave,
    I wouldn’t read too much into it. It’s nothing personal. We are just trying to keep it Union. Every forum we (Teamster members) go to we have to deal with people who don’t like us because of it, so it’s nice to just have a forum to go to where we are among brothers.

    I also realize that you weren’t debating and causing a ruckus out on the open forums. I Thank you for that. So the ban almost seemed unwarranted.

    I personally have no problems at all with you or your site here, and have checked in several times.

    Good day to you, and God Bless.

  • Dave Says:
  • What do you suppose created all of those negative feelings towards teamsters?
  • I don’t think there is as much anti-teamster sentiments as you think there is. Most guys are pretty ambivalent about whether they work for a union company or non-union. They just want decent pay. I really think that “don’t care attitude” is what is eroding the union strength. It used to be that a driver would be gone in a heartbeat if he had the chance to make a move from a non-union carrier to a union one. If you are a productive driver the commission that most companies offer will result in at least as large a paycheck as the union job. The benefits are typically not as good but the trucks that they drive are typically superior. I see that as the trade-off.
  • It is your (teamsters) forum so you can run it anyway you want. I still stand by my opinion that “ is a friendly place.” is a FALSE statement
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