Uphill pull does not discourage Tom Spivey

Despite the news of industry giant CentralDispatch being bought out by Dealertrack, Spivey plows forward with his plans to target dealers on his load board. He has an Android auto transport load board competes head to head with CentralDispatchapp similar to the one drivers use on EZDispatch. His app posts the car that is scanned to the load board easily. He is working to get a database behind his app so it will automatically fill in make and model like the EZD app. His plan is for the app to draw dealers and for the carriers to follow the dealers work. Brokers are required to have at least one truck to qualify for membership on the board. Surprisingly there is NO FREE trial!  Dealers and carriers alike will need to pony up $150 to try the service! If anyone knows of a carrier that tries it let me know. I would really like some feed-back on how it works for the carrier side of it. I really think that the sale to Dealertrack has really brought the potential competitors to the forefront. Lets make some popcorn, this should be fun to watch:)

UPDATE: OPPS! I got it wrong here is a quote from Tom that sets the record straight on his pricing.

“The price of the site is $ 49.95 a month, The trial¬†period is 1 month free.

I am running a promotion for the month of August, $ 149.99 which is 2 months free till the end of the year.”

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